Pest exterminator

I was floating in complete darkness for…a long time.
I don’t know what happened or why I had been sent there, but I realized something.
I was dead.
I remembered getting hit by motorbike and sent flying.
Afterwards I woke up in this darkness.
But now, I can see a light.
A red, flashing light.
As I walked into it, a great pain, pleasure, warmth and cold washed over me.
Soon, I could finally see again, something different than the perpetual darkness.
But it was weird…
It collided with my memories and it made me sick.
The sky was red with ashen grey clouds.
The ground was yellowish with pitch black rocks scattered here and there.
There was vegetation and even trees…but they weren’t as in my memories.
In my memories, they were green, and colored and vibrant.
But these…there were grey, spiky, and…dangerous.
They gave me a sharp almost cutting vibe, and I just couldn’t stop the feeling of “stay away” sprouting in me.
But that wasn’t the worst…
I wasn’t the same as I remembered seeing in the mirror.
My arms were royal blue, with red tattoos running along my arms and even my fingers.
Running towards a lake I saw to watch my reflection I was flabbergasted…
I was fast…too fast…
Reaching the lake (maybe sea would’ve been better to name it), it was purple, but still reflective.
And what I saw was…unsettling.
I was as I said, royal blue, with red tattoos running along my whole body.
I was naked, tall and muscular, with two golden horns adorning my head…
I had a tail, of a weird green shade, and I am pretty sure I felt stumps on my back, so I might grow wings one day.
As I was “admiring” myself, I started to feel weak…and really…really hungry.
Just then, two birds flew over my head.
I instinctively jumped inhumanely high up, and caught them in my hands.
I could feel how their life was slowly slipping away…being siphoned by…me.
Just as I was trying to accept the new reality, the sound of voices awoken me from my reverie.
“Look! A newborn!”
One of the voices said.
“Hah, he already got his first meal, he’s talented!”
Another voice chimed in.
Looking back, I saw two figures closing in on me.
One of them was like me.
A tall, royal blue colored man, wearing leather pants and with his upper body bare.
His horns were green though, so it was a bit different.
The other one was a woman…
She was even taller than us, with azure blue skin, no tattoos, no blemishes…
She had no horns, no tail, but she had wings, with red steel-like feathers.
I stumbled backwards, and fell right into the like.
The two chuckled.
“Don’t worry pup, we are here to help you.”
The man said.
“Yes, young man, don’t worry.
It’s rare for our race to welcome a new member born through soul metamorphosis, especially since your horns are golden, proving that your bloodline is 100% pure.”
The woman chimed in, giggling while helping me stand up.
“Our race?”
I asked.
“Yes, we are a Life Demon subspecies, usually called Hunger Demons.
It’s pretty much because our cells are constantly evolving, thus we are always hungry.
If we eat enough life essence, we can get to heights one can’t possibly fathom…
Sadly it’s not easy to harvest that much life essence, and we are feared by many thus hunted when in battle.
That’s why we are only the 9th strongest demonic race…”
The man said sighing.
The woman slapped the back of his head.
“We are strong, don’t listen to this battle junkie.
The information you need is: we live on a big planet, housing countless races.
We have our own civilization, thus you can live normally in any town or city, and that’s where we will take you.
About cultivation and getting stronger, you will get a guidebook for free when you are a registered citizen.”
The woman said.
I nodded, but I was still wary.
But I shouldn’t have been.
The woman gave me a pair of pants, and we promptly departed.
Along the way, I learnt that this planet…is not big but humongous.
Just the land of the demons has 72 counties, each the size of a continent back on Earth….
And as area, the land of the demons ranks only the 7th
After walking for 3 days straight, we arrived at the town. (I “ate”, a few deer, cattle and boar like creatures on the way here, and got…stronger.)
Entering the town, I was led to an office, where I got registered as a citizen.
Due to me being “naturally” being born, I gained a lot of benefits. (naturally meaning not by reproduction, but by soul metamorphosis, which is kind of reincarnation from what I understood.)
But I was conflicted.
Due to my high purity bloodline, I needed to be either a hunter or a warrior, for my potential was high, and I needed the proper amount of nutriments.
But I didn’t want to go on rampages…
I don’t mind the boar, cattle, bear and other animals from time to time…
But to proactively hunt for them or even for other sentient races…
I can’t do it…
And just as I was brooding over my predicament, an old man started cursing.
“Damned insects! One day I will have to close my inn because of you!”
He said, chasing a cockroach the size of a dog.
I caught the cockroach, and felt enormous life force in it…roughly equal to 2 boar like creatures.
“Thanks lad! Nice reflexes.
Goddamn Inscrochaes are a pain in the ass.”
He said, patting my back and leaving.
But this encounter gave me an idea.
I went to the office and registered a company under my name.
I started a pest extermination company, and for it I bought several books containing advanced cultivation techniques. (basic and slightly uncommon ones were free, but truly good ones were pricey. But I could afford them due to my special status.)
People frowned upon this.
“You are talented, with a bloodline purity that 1 in 10 million possess…
Are you sure you want to waste it one…pests?”
They asked.
I nodded seriously.
I read about it.
They killed the pests with weapons, for fear of diseases and dirt.
They don’t seem to know about their lifeforce, not that they would care about it.
The demons are highly refined, and warlike…they wouldn’t lower themselves in sewers and squeeze themselves in narrow spaces. (It will be a challenge for me as well…I am a walking tower…)
But I was stubborn, and kept to my choice.
I learn two techniques which allowed me to create silky structures out of my energy, and control them.
One technique strengthened the silk structures, the other enhances its mobility and flexibility.
I started doing my job…for free.
I started with restaurants, inns, and most importantly the sewers.
The number of insects, rats and mushroom-like parasites was staggering.
In my first week I hunted, and “ate” roughly 10 million critters.
Now, remember, I am not in my old life anymore, I am not on Earth.
These critters each had the life force equivalent to a huge boar like creature, and I would say not even 10 human lives would be able to equal such energy.
I enjoyed it, I was getting stronger and stronger.
I used silk threads, and silk clouds to hunt, just after the first week, the number of threads I could control increased from 100 to 10 thousand.
After roughly 15 years, I completely cleansed the sewers. (of course I didn’t eradicate the insects completely, there were still hidden deep underground, or in warehouses or baths or toilet areas.
Some insect presence is still needed for the ground, for the birds and so on…)
After these 15 years, my reputation grew, and I’ve been invited to other towns, villages and even cities.
For the next 5 centuries, I roamed the lands of the demons, dealing with pests.
From insects, rats, parasites to wasps, spiders, boars, bears and even bunny variants, I’ve dealt with all of them.
In 5 centuries, I haven’t aged a bit, rather I grew taller, a bit more muscular, and my skin and tattoos were shinier.
My horns grew so much, that they were coiling over themselves a dozen times,  and went from pale gold, to a deep violet gold color.
After wandering for 5 centuries, my reputation was heard in other countries as well.
The dwarven kingdom and the human empire especially invited me warmly, to deal with infestations, that are causing plagues.
I gladly accepted, after leaving a silk clone in the land of demons to deal with the occasional requests. (as I said, I grew quite strong)
It took me roughly 2 millennia to help mitigate the pest problems of the dwarven and human lands…
It was a long time…
I met several good friends, and even got married…a couple of times…
My children grew up to become warriors, scholars and priests and healers, it was good, but I didn’t stay put for too long…
I was still always hungry, so I had to go after the little critters…
But after that, my requests became…weirder…
“Insect like pests on the outer ring of the Far East ocean…
  Flesh mountains moving in from the 3rd moon of our planet (Yes, I could fly in the void at this point.)
 Snake like creatures in the depths of the northern ocean…”
And so on the requests went..
I wasn’t stupid, I knew these were abominations sent to destroy our world…
But as I said, I got stronger, and dealing with pests with their number in the billions…
Was my specialty…
With my billions of threads, dancing wildly but invisibly in my surroundings, I walked my planet, and cleaned it of pests…
I became known as the Pest Exterminator king…
If anyone from my old planet would hear this, they would laugh…
Such a title…
But those from my planet, and our neighbours…
They respect me.
Because I don’t only end the pest infestations…I also cleanse some pests and release them, to better our ecosystems…
I never knew my path would be so tiring, that not even after 10 million years can I retire for my cells still hunger….still evolve…
What I didn’t know was that…
Normal individuals of my race stop hungering after but a century…

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