Saving Grace

Nathan was kneeling in the middle of the day, in the park.
He was begging for help, but nobody tried to help him.
He was an elderly man, with a well-kept beard and hair, and healthy skin.
But his clothes were ragged, dirty and bloodied.
People mistook him for a beggar that went mad, longing for his daily dose.
But he was truly, truly in danger.
He was dying.
For he has been poisoned, beaten up and thrown into the streets.
He wasn’t an ordinary old man.
For he was a famous appraiser known for his knowledge in anything, from jewelry, paintings, statues, figures to comic books, posters, signed merchandise and even cars, and houses.
He has an eye for the detail, and he found quite the number of treasures in flea markets, auctions and in antique collections.
Now, he unveiled a fake collection of paintings, and saved a rich overlord from being tricked…
But this way, he made an enemy of the seller, and was thus disposed.
“Anyone…anything, please save me!”
He begged and begged.
People just passed by, sighing, shaking their heads.
Some kids even filmed him, took selfies with him, laughing.
Then, slowly they left, they didn’t want to get too close to Nathan, but oddly…nobody called the police on him yet.
And soon, something weird happened.
As Nathan was begging for help, praying to all the gods of whose name he knew of, the winds that were blowing stopped, and it got oddly quiet.
Nathan, with teary eyes looked up to see a young girl holding her hand out.
He tried to grab hold of it, but she giggled and pulled it back.
“First, an offering then you get the blessing.
That’s how it was, that’s how it is, that’s how it should be.”
She said, with laughter in her voice.
Nathan was stunned, and desperate but not stupid.
He had a family, he had kids, grandkids and a flourishing business…
But he still was afraid of losing his life, so he decided to gamble.
I give you my vey being, just…just save me!”
He said.
The young girl smirked, and shook his hand.
She said, now with a strange warmth in her voice.
Soon, Nathan’s body started to heal.
The poison was expelled, his injuries healed and even…he even de-aged.
Soon, from an 67 looking old man, he looked like a young, and dashing 20 something youngling, full with vigor and eyes filled with stars.
Looking at his now young hands, and filling as alive as decades ago, he sighed.
“How may I serve you?”
He asked, bowing slightly.
The young girl giggled.
“I like smart men.
With your talents, you shall look for artifacts that emit any kind of strange energy…
Your new eyes alongside with your sight will help you see them properly.”
She said.
“May I ask Madam for the reason?
I apologize if I am overstepping some boundaries, but I wish to know, so I can handle them with the correspondent attention and measures.”
Nathan said.
“As my envoy, you are entitled to this information.
Earth will be undergoing some…changes.
It has already started, and those items will become…priceless… at least for a while.
You don’t look old anymore, will you be able to use your connections again?”
The young girl said, laughing slightly.
“I am Nathan Jr., appraiser Nathan’s child born out of wedlock.
My father called me to meet him and his family, but never appeared at the café we were supposed to meet.
Since I look like well, young me, it won’t be hard to fool my family…
A pity for my wife…”
Nathan sighed.
“You may use your powers to help your family prepare for the changes.
I allow you to use your talents to their best for me…and for you.”
The young girl said, patting Nathan’s head, before disappearing.
Nathan sighed, and went straight to the fountain to clean himself a bit up.
He had a lot of things to do…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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