The bar of peace

I live in a rather normal town, and I live at its edge, making it even more remote.
I own a bar at the ground level of a three story building.
The rest of the levels I use as my family’s and my home, but the bar is rather cosy as well.
It’s pretty big, with 12 tables you can sit at with at best 6 people, and of course there is place for 10 people to sit at the bar as well.
I deal with all kinds of alcohol, especially wine, beer and cocktails.
I travelled the world to learn and experience the alcohol of different places, it is my hobby and passion.
I settled down now, you know, with 2 kids, and a beautiful wife, I don’t really dare to leave them alone for too long.
But the bar…
It was a whim of ours, because frankly we wanted a bit of story like lifestyle.
We had enough income from selling alcohol and crops (my wife inherited a rather large plot of land), so it wasn’t that we really needed the bar.
Taking care of the land would’ve been more than enough, but we wanted our kids to grow up in the town, so we hired people to take care of the land, but they were under strict supervision. (my mother-in-law, and my wife’s family is still living there, the inheritance came from her grandparents)
But the bar…brought in some rather eccentric clientele.
You see at first, it was normal.
Some rather lonely individuals, some lovebirds, some elderly neighbours…you know the usual, oh yes and the occasional alcohol enthusiast that wanted to see if it’s true or not that I have a rather nice collection of rarities.
At first I was proud of my collection…but when the eccentrics started to visit my bar…my collection started to grow and I grew numb of the things I’ve seen.
First it wasn’t that weird.
A group of 8-10 individuals, all in different clothing, different style and different behavior.
They came in, sat down at 2 tables and started ordering en-masse.
They talked and talked, when suddenly one of them thundered…literally.
Dude started looking like Sonic the Hedgehog crossed with a Super Saiyan, but suddenly he calmed down.
He gasped, the others gasped as well, but also sighed in relief.
He looked at me, at the bar, then simply nodded.
They continued their conversation…more or less peacefully, before paying the bill…in gold ingots.
The thundery and lightningy dude was the one to pay and last to leave.
He looked at me and smiled.
“Mortal, you’ve made a fine establishment here and made yourself a friend in me, Zeus!
We shall hold our conferences here from now on, so prepare the best feasts you can think of!”
He said, laughing, throwing the 10 gold ingots at me and leaving.
I ran after them, out the bar, but when I exited, they were nowhere to be seen.
I thought of running away, moving far far from here, but…
Even if I was a skeptic…after seeing the light show and them disappearing…
I have to believe.
Even if they are other supernatural entities…I still don’t think I can escape.
So I will try my best to please them.
I told my wife, and she agreed.
Oh, why did she believe me instantly?
Because she trusts me, that’s why.
Sadly, those fellas with Zeus weren’t the only ones coming in.
Afterwards, an elderly kind and warm looking man came in with several others to have a meeting.
The elderly man had a robust looking redheaded middle-aged man and a thin, stick like tall green haired young man with him, while discussing with 3 humongous men, all three easily over 2 and half meters tall.
After leaving, they paid me with daggers, and told me that he was Odin.
Soon, gods from all over the planet came here, alongside with monsters, and abominations to discuss truces.
Mostly older gods, monsters and abominations, whom were all tired of fighting endlessly.
(Yes, apparently even war and battle gods can get tired of the very thing that makes up their very being.)
Why did these mighty figures come to our bar?
The reason is quite…mysterious.
They are telling us that they can’t properly use their powers in the bar. (they barely can use 0.1%)
Thus it’s the best place to have peace negotiations, since they can’t cause a too big of a mess.
Since the first meeting, it’s been 10 years.
I amassed a collection of earthly and heavenly treasures from them, making all my family rather healthier and more fit than your average Joe.
Today started nicely.
The Greeks had a meeting with the Japanese, because Apollo started to fancy Amaterasu, and it wasn’t going quite well for him.
My wife was out with Hera, Bast, Athena, Frigg, Chang’e and Mother Nature. (she made a group of friends with them, and they were having girls night every Friday)
Also, I don’t know if Mother Nature is that Mother Nature or not.
My kids, now 14,16 and 17 were out with some friends (demigods), trying to clear a maze or something.
It wasn’t anything unusual, until two individuals came in.
One woman and one man, both average height, but in ridiculously good looking suits.
The woman had long silver hair with touches of black here and there.
Wearing a 3-piece golden suit with a royal blue tie, she came in with red high-heels, and orange sunglasses.
The man had short, greasy and yellowish hair, with touches of white and green here and there.
Wearing a 3-piece muddy brown suit with a pitch-black tie, he came in with flip-flops and socks.
Coming up to the bar, the two looked around.
Seeing the Greek and Japanese gods, the woman nodded slightly, but the man snickered.
“What can I get you?”
I asked them.
“Ambrosia and First Morning Dew cocktail, with a bit of peppermint and rust if possible for me.”
The woman said, sitting down on a stool.
“Golden Mud and old beer, with a bit of plastic for me.”
The man said, with a huge grin that showcased his blackened teeth.
“Alright, coming up.”
I said in a beat.
I had all these drinks already.
In years of dealing with gods, I’ve got my fair share of natural treasures from them.
Bringing out the drinks, the two took straws from the bar, and started drinking.
The woman, barely took a sip before nodding, while the man slurped the entire drink in a second, before sighing satisfied.
“Human, you aren’t bad.
You shall come to my domain and be my personal servant.”
The man said.
The woman sighed, while the other customers stared at us.
I just chuckled.
“Sir, I can’t do so.
I have so many loyal customers, friends.
How could I leave them behind?”
I said, shaking my head, and cleaning a glass. (it always calmed me down.)
“These and those sissies?
Compared to me, the great Pollution, what can they amount to?”
He said, dark mist starting to spread.
Thankfully, as soon as it started it also dissipated.
“So, my gut feeling was right.
It’s Madam Internet and Sir Pollution.
But I am afraid, that I feel comfortable in my current location, and with my current situation.
So I have to decline your generous offer.”
I said. (eloquence is needed when dealing with entities out of legends)
Pollution started to huff and puff, but turning around, he saw Ares, Susanoo, Zeus, Apollo, Amaterasu, Izanami and Izanagi standing behind him.
Pollution snorted, stood up and left.
Ares seemed to pout and so did Susanoo, but Apollo and Amaterasu both chuckled, and giggled.
The rest just went back to their business.
Madam Internet sat quietly and finished her drink slowly.
She looked up at me and smiled.
“We were curious about the land of peace, but we were surprised pleasantly.
Here, take these.”
She said, placing  black dots in my hand.
“This is…?”
I asked.
“place it in your house, and nobody can access or see whatever you do on the internet…not even me.”
She said, winking.
I smiled wryly, and thanked her.
She nodded, and left slowly.
I sighed.
Old gods, new gods, monsters and things of imagination…what will come next?
Will I be a peacekeeper amongst these entities of legends?sible thing to do so…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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