Porcelain collection

My mom had an entire room reserved for her collection.
As long as something was made of porcelain, she had to have it.
Plates, dishes, vases, flowers, statues, figurines, dolls, whatever you can imagine being made out of porcelain…she had it.
But even amongst her humongous collection…she had favorites.
There was this…peculiar shelf filled with…porcelain hearts.
Whilst porcelain hearts were amazing, extraordinary…and creepy we will get to them in a second.
First, let me tell you while the shelf itself was peculiar, not only because it held something so bizarre as a porcelain heart collection.
It was smaller than the other shelves, this one, but it was grander if that makes sense.
The others were normal shelves, either azure blue, white or grey, you know the normal ones that you can find…everywhere and anywhere.
But this one, it was golden, with red and blue linings depicting something strange.
I would sometimes get headaches looking too long at the shelf.
It had something…a certain attraction and repulsion at the same time.
Now…to the hearts.
I can’t stress this enough, not to you, not to my friends, not when I am questioning my mom, not to anyone else.
These goddamn porcelain hearts, were anatomically 100% accurate for different sized, aged and condition suffering individuals.
You’ve get your atria, your ventricles, you got your arteries, veins, aorta, vena cava, you want to see the fat? It’s a slightly yellow-whitish porcelain.
You want to see a tear, a damage? It’s slightly darker or lighter in color.
And the sizes…
While the shape is consistent, and all of them look more or less the same…no two heart is the same size…
It’s eerily too…realistic…
It gives me Goosebumps.
This collection has 18 hearts, and it gives me nightmares.
Take into consideration this: I am a med student, I am used to seeing these things in pictures…but…
But these are just way too accurate.
But that’s not why I am telling my story.
I am telling my story for a very different reason.
For when I visited my mom, she took me to her collection room.
And behold, a new heart was added to collection.
This was rather average in size, but was very fragile looking.
And she enthusiastically told me a backstory, like with all the others.
How she imagined that it belonged to a man, woman, child, elderly and so on…
But then…
But then…
But then the unimaginable happened…
I saw…
And I heard…
That new…porcelain heart…beat…
And just for a moment I thought…
“What if they aren’t just in her imagination…these people whom the hearts belong to…”
And with this thought I write these lines…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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