Old friend

I was hiking through the woods at night.
The weather was windy, and the sky was covered in dark menacing clouds.
I muttered, hurrying along.
I wasn’t sarcastic, for I waited for such a weather to come, it benefits my purpose.
I know, I know.
It’s dangerous, it’s not a good idea to hike, all alone in the woods, at night and in a rather unfriendly weather.
But I had to come in such a weather, for this weather was what made my friend comfortable.
I walked through the woods, and finally arrived at my destination.
A quite well hidden cave, in the side of a mountain that is considered to be haunted.
Not that they are that wrong.
I entered the cave, and deeper I went it, the brighter it got.
Finally, after taking several left and right turns, I entered an opening filled with light.
It was a cozy looking home, filled with wooden furniture, paintings and sculptures, and a lot of animals.
Soon the animals scattered, and out came a tall elderly looking man.
He had skin like that of a tree, and a beard and hear like moss.
His eyes were red, but gentle.
And he was tall…he really got taller.
“Old baby-boy!”
I shouted.
“Pesky human!”
He said.
And then we hugged.
“Old friend, you got taller again, but your face never changes.”
I said.
“You got shorter, and your face got uglier.”
He said.
We laughed.
We started to talk about what happened in the past year, how is life and basically about anything and everything.
Suddenly, it started to thunder and rain poured down like it was the end of the days.
We chuckled.
“It was just like this back when we first met…”
We both said at the same time.
I met Silva when I was a kid, and got lost in the woods.
Back then he was shorter than me, and got scared when I entered his cave.
He controlled some vines to trip me and scare me, but it just made me more curios.
Imagine my wonder when I saw him first…
A kid, shorter than me, with soft voice, but the face, beard and hair of a millennium old fella.
I got scared as well, and ran straight into a wall.
We laugh about that all the time, since he refuses to forget it.
We didn’t have much to talk about, but I asked about the forest and he talked…a lot.
He asked about the human world, and I…talked a lot.
I loved my life more than I thought.
While I was regretting running away after throwing a tantrum, Silva asked me something that made me promise to come visit him.
“Why am I the monster…”
He asked back then with genuine curiosity, no tinge of regret or sadness in his voice.
I told him that he’s a legendary being, somethi…someone from our stories.
As I was reminiscing, he pushed me slightly.
“Old Friend, the rain stopped, go, but be careful, for it’s muddy and even more difficult to tread these paths.”
He said, giving me a walking stick.
“Thanks buddy.
Next year, same time?”
I said.
“I will come after you if you don’t come!”
He said.
I laughed it off and left.
This few hours of discussion, often I think about if it’s worth or not trekking for hours in these woods.
But when I hear about a new wolf cub, bear cub or a family of foxes moving into the forest, I can’t help but smile.
Talking with Silva washes away the fatigue I gather in my day to day life, and I hope I can visit him for as long as I can…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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