On a great island nation, preparation were ongoing for an important festival.
For this, one of the most beautiful maidens of the island have been chosen as the main character.
She was Angela, and her beauty knew no bounds.
She had azure blue wavy long hair, with deep blue eyes and the skin of the golden beach sand.
Her lips were of the deepest red, and her singing voice rivaled that of the mermaids.
She was but a youth, a daughter of the mayor of a smaller village, but such an honor has befallen onto her, and her family.
But she couldn’t be happy, for her role might be critical it is fated to be the last one to ever be played by her.
For she’s chosen as the Bride of the God, and will be sent into the home of the gods, the heart of a volcano.
She was bathed in a special bath, filled with different herb concoctions.
Afterwards, she was painted completely blood red, with ashen grey tattoos being drawn on her naked body.
These tattoos were symbols of the God she would marry, and they covered her arms, legs, back, stomach, and breasts.
She was given a pure white skirt to wear and nothing else.
And as an accessory she was given a tiara made of volcanic stones, and a bracelet that was made of a red sea serpent’s skeleton.
Then, when the festival was at its highest, she was taken from the main city’s hall, and danced through the road of flowers and fruits up to the volcano.
Her body was appreciated by everyone from the island nation, and they all agreed that she was the right choice.
For the gods must not be slighted, especially the one they’ve chosen as the young girl’s husband.
The girl danced for hours, but she didn’t sweat, the paint of blood red still shone brightly, and her tattoos were still mesmerizing.
This was all due to the baths she took, and for the same reason, she still wasn’t tired.
When she arrived at the mouth of the volcano, she smiled, and so did everyone else.
Turning back, she opened her arms, took of her skirt and threw it to her childhood sweetheart, took a last look at her family, smiled and with tears starting to pour down her face, jumped.
She fell with great speed, and her back was starting to get hot due to getting closer to the active volcano’s bottom.
She closed her eyes, and kept her eyes wide open, for that’s how she was taught to do.
She was afraid, terrified, but the smile didn’t leave her face.
For her parents will live in the capital from now on, for her 4 sisters and 5 brothers will be core citizen of her nation from now on.
And from now on, her island will flourish for at least 50 more years.
But just when she expected a heavy hit that would’ve either killed her or crippled her, before she would’ve been painfully burnt and eaten by the volcano, she felt…nothing.
Then she felt weightless, then she felt a cold breeze right before hearing a sigh.
“Why did you jump down, foolish mortal?”
An aloof voice sound from nowhere and everywhere.
The maiden shivered, and slowly got down onto her knees.
touching the cold ground with her forehead, she smiled.
“Oh, Great God, I’ve been sent as your new bride.
I hope I didn’t nor will I ever offend you.”
She said, with an unexpectedly strong voice and conviction.
A chuckle could be heard around the maiden, and as she looked up, she saw herself in a wide cave.
The cave was filled with lavish furniture, and countless rows of shelves filled with books.
The air was fresh and slightly dry, with a scent of old books and lime.
The cave walls were filled with crystals and rocks that offered just the right amount of light.
While looking around she could see crabs, turtles and snails thriving around.
As she marveled in the extraordinary air of the environment, a gust of wind picked her up.
Suddenly, she was dressed in a beautiful red and ashen grey dress, with a symbol of eternity in her native tongue on the dress.
As she basked in the dresses impeccable material, which was both soft, and durable, flexible yet perfectly fit her, a sigh was heard once more.
“I can only give you a dress, for I know not about the underwear of women.”
The aloof voice sounded once more, this time…closer.
As the maiden looked ahead, she saw a figure walking out from behind the shelves.
It was a handsome middle aged man.
He had a head full of ashen grey hair, that made him look mature, but not old.
His skin was like that of an amber in a slight breeze, when brighter when darker shade of red.
He was tall, and wore a 3-piece purple suit, without a tie.
Also, he was barefoot.
The maiden got flustered, then scared, for she lost herself in front of the God, her husband.
“I apologize, please forgive me…”
She said, trying to kneel down once more, but she was stopped by the middle-aged man.
“If you kneel down once more, I will send you back.”
He said, chiding her, but his voice was filled with mirth.
But the maiden paled, and got scared.
She grabbed his arm, and begged.
“please, don’t!
If you do that, my family, all my relatives…we will all be killed!”
She said.
The middle-aged man sighed.
“I know…
Quite the awkward tradition your folks started.”
He said, patting her head gently.
Then, he pointed to a large, neat boulder, and he led the maiden there.
Surprisingly, the boulder was smooth, quite comfortable, for it was slightly warm.
“I am Hwoarm, a small volcanic deity.
This is but my first island created, a few thousand years ago, so I can be considered but young and inexperienced.
But… a pleasure to meet you.”
He said, with a smile.
“My name is Angela, a p-p-pleasure to meet you!”
Angela said, but she got too flustered and bit her tongue.
Hwoarm chuckled.
“Silly child, don’t be scared.
But we have to discuss a serious topic.”
Hwoarm said.
Angela nodded, and straightened her back.
“You are the 19th bride, your people sent to me.
Sadly, I was away 9 times, was asleep 2 times, thus there are 11 boulders down in the pit of my volcano, my home, as a memento to those poor mortal souls.”
Hwoarm started.
Angela gasped slightly.
She expected everyone to die, but still, now surviving and hearing about the death of the others, some might’ve been her ancestors…
It’s a saddening discovery.
“But, I succeeded in saving 7 others, well 8 with you.
And I’ve given a choice to all of them.
While I would enjoy the company of a beautiful young maiden, for my home is slightly lifeless, I don’t force mortals to do my bidding.
Thus, you can choose: stay or leave to another island?
The other 7 all have chosen to leave.”
Hwoarm said.
Angela answered instantly.
“I will stay, for I am your bride.”
She said with a smile.
But Hwoarm sighed.
“You are still young, and infatuated with the image of love and romance.
I am a deity, and you are a mortal, but that’s not definite.
I will be able to change you into a deity or a spirit, and we shall truly spend eternity together.
Are you ready for that?
You shall not see your family anymore, nor your mortal love, nor your friends…
Are you ready?”
Hwoarm said.
“I was to be dead, but you’ve saved me.
Love can be found, and can be fostered.
I wish to stay…with you.”
Angela said decisively.
She was afraid of the man, the God in front of her…
For he was hot, his mere presence bringing pressure she barely could face.
But at the same time, she felt loneliness and pain in this man…
Something she also felt in the last 6 months since she was chosen…
“Okay, I shall call my friends and relatives and we will held a proper wedding.
Your relatives can’t come, but they will be blessed by us.”
Hwoarm said coolly, trying to appear nonchalant, but he was already up and leaving, with a slight spring in his step.
Angela giggled slightly.
“The Gods…might not be so different from us.”
She thought.
She was awfully wrong, but love and curiosity often leads to such conclusions.
Now, a new life will begin, a life of change, a life of trials…

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