Nursery for others future

One universe isn’t infinite, but the multiverse is.
Every universe is special, and every single one of them has a power system spread through all their planets.
But one universe has chosen a rather peculiar approach.
This universe denied all but one planet’s life force.
And even this planet was set to be completely normal, without any mystical or supernatural powers.
But there was a catch.
The inhabitants soul is extremely pure and their potential is limitless…but this potential is tied down in their first life.
But their lives are extremely varied.
The inhabitants of this one, lonely planet in the whole universe, experience bliss and terror almost on a daily basis.
Their mental fortitude even of the average one’s is much stronger than the elites of the large forces of the multiverse.
Well, elites that haven’t yet experienced bloodshed, but even those who’ve experienced it might lack in certain areas, since the lives of these mortals are much more volatile.
One would think that in an advanced world, where gods, devils, immortals, beasts and such entities exists, the lives of the mortals are much more prone to danger.
But it’s rather wrong.
Since the mortals are either: subjects, worshippers or potential materials or potential disciples, they are rather well protected by the transcendent powers.
In this universe, where they are the only inhabitants, they are led by fate and fate alone…
And this is one of the reason why their potential is limitless, and why they are subjected to so many changed.
Even a simple farmer might find themselves questioning the secrets of the universe, such as gaining insights on life, death, creation through the careful tending of their crops.
In higher realms, such things are rarer, since a spell or two, or an artifact or two can do the job, so no deep thinking is spent on the process.
So, there is an established fact.
The mortals of this universe live on a single planet, and experience the joy and the despair of life frequently.
Their souls are of an utmost quality and so is their potential.
Why is it as such?
What’s the point of this endeavor?
Well, this planet and the entire universe is a nursery for high quality inhabitants.
This universe is giving the souls of these mortals to the most suitable advanced universe, in exchange of a relation through fate.
Another universe gains a hero, a saintess, an era changing individual, and this peculiar universe gains the favor of all the highest ranking beings of that universe.
This universe gave up its chance to be called a great one, it gave up nurturing myriad lifeforms, and it gave up on the chance of birthing great entities itself.
But in exchange, it sent souls that became entities of unparalleled strength, wisdom or other qualities, and alongside with their rise, the favors others owned to this universe, kept increasing…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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