Failed assassination attempt

The people gathered at the center of the city for a great festival.
The new Emperor was ascending to the throne, the Empire won a war on two fronts and our merchant houses just lowered their prices, for they gained a lot during these victories.
Amidst all these people, was a young noble man, whom was a sorcerer that supposedly helped winning the wars.
This young man was socializing, and behaving friendly with everyone.
He was tall, with long silver hair, and sky blue eyes.
He sported a 3-piece purple suit, with a pitch black tie that had stars on it.
Unbeknown to anyone, far away in between the chimneys of an inn, was lying on her stomach, a young girl.
She had short purple hair, and green eyes.
She was tall, as she almost could cover the entire roof from one end to other while laying down.
She was very thin, with pointy ears.
With a bow and arrows, she took aim at her target: the young sorcerer.
She was blessed, and one of her many blessings was an amazing eyesight.
She could see the dew on a blade of grass from hundreds of meters away.
Now, she could see every movement of the young noble man, and she was prepared to fire her arrow…just when…when…
The young man looked towards her and winked.
It was the first time in her life, when she…hesitated.
But she was experienced and with a formal training, she quickly gathered her quiver, her bow, and ran.
She ran and then took off her hood, she quickly turned it inside out, and put it on as a beautiful dress, after which she started dancing with the others in the festival.
She danced, and danced, and spent 3 consecutive days “having fun” at the festival.
When the festival was ending, she left with the others, before detaching from the convoys leaving the imperial capital, and heading towards the forest.
Before stepping a single foot into the forest, she heard a whistle.
She looked to the left, and there he was…
The young man she was eyeing…
Her target.
“I gotta say, I am impressed.
Your dance moves are peculiar, but you kept on dancing for days on end.
You are quite quick witted for an assassin, so tell me, little deer, what should we do about this situation?”
He asked.
“I don’t know what you are talking about, sir.
I’ve came out of the Heart for my pilgrimage, to see the world.
If I offended sir somehow, I apologize.”
The young elf said, bowing slightly, her eyelashes fluttering.
“Young elves, when they finally got to puberty, meaning 150 years old go on pilgrimages, and after finishing them, they gain a tattoo.
Just like the tattoo you have on your chest, and you have more than one.
Wrist, ankles, and behind the right ear.
Meaning you are at least 1000 years old.
Quite young for an elf, but still.”
The young man shrugged, seeing through her attempt.
“What do you want?”
The young elf asked, entering a stance, bringing out an arrow.
“Nothing much.
Act as my girlfriend.”
He said.
I just tried to k-k-kill you and you…NO!”
The poor little elven girl was stunned.
“Look, you look good, you are an elf and I am a sorcerer, quite the good pair.
Also, I am tired of going to banquets, parties and “tutoring” young noble women.
I need a shield, and you’d be perfect.
Do we have a deal or do we need to get things ugly?”
He asked with a bright and wide smile.
She said, sighing.
The two went back to the imperial city, and a new story begun after an unfortunately failed assassination attempt…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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