Won’t worry about that

I was eating some sunflower seeds, while I watched the blazing body jump off the cliff.
I clicked my tongues, as I heard him imitate a certain famous scream often used in movies.
Besides me, our two best friends, shaken up, bloodied after the fight, were staring at me.
“B-b-b-Brigitte! Who were those red-hooded figures?
Why did they attack us?”
Alex asked.
“More importantly, how did you handle their attack so easily?
Also, your boyfriend was set on fire! And he jumped off the cliff!
Why are you so calm?!”
Stephan questioned me.
I just shrugged.
“Wait a minute or two.”
I said.
As we waited, we heard grunts and chuckling, and swearing…a lot of swearing.
And up he was.
My glorious boyfriend, all healed, without a scratch…and all naked.
Sighing, I took out a new set of clothes from my bag.
I threw those clothes to him, and snickered.
“Fancy a bit of voyeurism?”
I teased.
“*Sniff*, how cruel.
I just died, and you are teasing me…”
He said, dramatically gesturing.
“How many times have I seen you dying these month?
Get a grip, and dress up.”
I said, kissing his forehead, he still tasted a bit…ashy.
Alex and Stephan were stunned.
“You’ve been through this…for months?”
Alex asked.
“So him being some kind of godling or how you called them is..true?”
Stephan continued.
“Yep and yep.
Seen some things, heard other things and learnt a lot of magic.
It’s been quite eventful lately.”
I said, snapping my fingers and the land around us started to move, to heal.
The burnt ground got lush new grass, and the sky above us cleared.
“You learnt this much…
In months?”
Stephan asked.
“What can I say?
I am talented seemingly.”
I shrugged.
Now, my immortal but clumsy boyfriend, was all dressed up.
“Talented and heartless.
She can watch me die, and not shed a tear.”
He said.
I hit him in the shoulder.
“I cried a lot in the few days, when I saw him die a few times a day.
Since then, I learnt and I won’t worry about that anymore.”
I said, hugging him.
Alex and Stephan just sighed, but nodded.
We were a bunch of random young adults, tasked to do something, we aren’t even sure what.
But we will do…
Whatever we can…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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