Unshackled City

I was living in the Unshackled City.
Born and raised here.
One would think, that it’s a place of great appeal.
A city free of problems, in-line with freedom, unfettered, with no guidelines…
And the fact is, that this city is simply a city of no laws or rules.
It’s is free, it is unfettered, and it is the heart of all the underworld syndicates from all across the  planet.
Crime is both number 1 and 2 and 3 all the way to the thousands, when it comes to the field wants to work in…
Mostly at least.
Shops, hospitals, schools and so on do exist, and they aren’t robbed daily, but that’s just because they belong to certain powers, thus being protected.
That’s how, I am safe in this city, despite being a normal Science teacher.
My days are relatively happy, and worriless.
After all, even criminals are careful parents sometimes, and they do wish for their kids to get an education, so thus far, in 6 years of teaching here, I haven’t had problems with anyone.
Today, I even got some homemade cooking from one of the yakuza kids, it was really wholesome.
As I was walking home, I thought…
“It’s not that bad.”
Just as that thought went through my head, I saw one of the kids, a 15 year old girl, walking ahead of me.
I think I am teaching her class Science, but I am not sure.
But she was walking with a bunch of other kids, laughing, giggling, gossiping about teachers, randomly stopping to take pictures…
They weren’t different at all from normal kids…well, save the gun or knife they had on their person.
Well, even I had a bulletproof vest, and bulletproof glasses (fancy fashion accessory, I know), and some knuckles, lest I have to brawl.
And just I was smiling, thinking back on how interesting my youth was as well here, a car sped in our direction.
From the car two individuals with machine guns came out, and quickly isolated the 15 year old girl from the rest of the group, who froze.
I sighed, they were still kids…
If they didn’t freeze, they could’ve taken these 2 fools down easily.
As I was ignored, I threw my backpack (filled with books), towards one of the assailants, and wearing my knuckles ran towards the other.
My backpack, knocked the left one over, and my fists knocked out the other one.
A nice kick to one’s head, not too strong, not too light, and they went to sleep.
Thankfully, their fingers weren’t on the trigger, thus no shots were fired.
The kids were looking wide eyes at me.
“S-s-sloth actually did something!”
One of them shouted, and the rest nodded.
“Sloth? Well, I tend to be lazy and sleepy due to my research draining me…
But I am still a teacher, show some respect…”
I said, sighing.
They just took pictures, and started kicking the assailants.
The target, the girl, just looked in silence at everything that was happening.
I shrugged and left.
This wasn’t the first time something like this happened, nor was this the first time I knocked some sense into someone.
As I said…I grew up here.
Going home, I cooked myself a good dinner, took a long bath…before going into my lab, continuing my research.
The research wasn’t something out of the ordinary, it was simply a piece of technology that would allow us to store information in external objects but access it with our minds.
That and maybe I was working on some biotechnological augmentation, but that was just a side gig to get money for the main research.
In the morning when I “woke up”, and left my house I was greeted by an empty street.
“Huh, weird.”
I murmured, and went straight for the school.
It took me 9 minutes less this time, since my route was oddly…clean of disturbances.
When arriving at the school…my locker was changed into a fancier one.
Entering my first class, the kids were actually completely quiet.
Not that they weren’t paying attention other days…but they weren’t this…quiet.
I saw someone in the back row…
The girl whom I kind of saved yesterday.
So that’s why I didn’t clearly remember her, she’s hidden there.
“Yo, are you all right? Yesterday’s incident can shake someone as young as you up.”
I asked, walking up to her.
“It’s okay.
And as a Alstigh, I will repay my debts.”
She said.
I just chuckled and went back to the whiteboard, but inside I was shocked.
One of the 3 main crime syndicate families…
They actually moved in all their relatives, and almost all of their operations are run by direct family members…
They took the “This is a family”, motto of many gangs too literally…
A favor from them…
It could be more hurtful than helpful…
But what can I do…
This Unshackled City, and this is how life here is…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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