At the edge of the universe

Looking around  the spaceship, all we saw was darkness, emptiness and nothing else.
Going back to the main deck, my best friend and I, looked at the screen.
Self-functioning, 1st class living class ship.
“It makes air out of something called dark matter!”
My best friend exclaimed after reading something on another screen.
“We know nothing of what dark matter is…and here we are…
In a ship that actually uses it for different things…”
I said sighing…
“Does this mean we can live here?
She asked.
“Well, since after we woke up, the A.I. nicely informed us, that we’ve been genetically perfect, and we don’t age, can’t get ill, yeah, literally forever.”
I said.
She shrieked, and jumped up and down.
“Calm down, Alisa.
We are at the edge of the universe, in a spaceship that’s worth like 5 galaxies…”
I started.
“Madam Rose, the Nove Luxus Spaceship is worth 14,5 galaxies of a medium size, or 2 large galaxies filled with riches.”
The A.I. interjected.
“That much, so it’s almost sure that one day, someone will come looking for us…
We need to use the information here to learn and to train our new bodies…
For better or worse, we got ourselves in a strange situation.”
I said, massaging my temples.
“Don’t be a thorny, Rosellina, it’s a spaceship!
It has actual virtual REALITY, and an A.I. that’s totally smarter even than you!”
Alisa chirped.
“Acknowledged, I am indeed far superior in intellect than a human.”
the A.I chimed in.
It was clearly…happier.
“Oh man…
How the hell did we arrive here?”
I sighed.
“Through a warp jump, we exceeded light speed, by using a strong enough gravitational pull to bend space and time, alongside with a burst of energy through instant combustion of dark matter and….”
The A.I.  started the explaining.
“Not that, I get that, though I don’t get it…
But I meant here, as in this situation…
We were but mere 2 college girls, going out for a coffee…nothing more.”
I sighed.
“What nothing more?
Rosellina, my best friend, my soul mate, my sister from another mother!
Don’t you remember how all this started?”
Alisa started with her theatric drama.
“Please, tell me, your Drama Highness.”
I said, mock gesturing.
“It all started with us wanting to dye our hair red…”
She said.
I face-palmed, and started laughing.
She laughed as well.
Because, no matter how absurd it sound…
That’s exactly how our adventure started…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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