Same as everyone else

I was stargazing out the window…of the tower I was locked in.
Yeah, you read that right…I am locked in a tower.
Hey, I got a bathroom, a kitchen and a huge window with glass!
Imagine, a lowly librarian has a glass window, it’s unheard of in this Empire.
Well, whatever, as I will be done for soon enough.
I was organizing the books, as usually, when two knights and a royal sorcerer came in and brought me here…
Ever since then, I’ve been waiting.
It’s been 3 days now, but I had ingredients in the kitchen, and clear water…
So, actually, in all fairness…my life has been better in these 3 days, than ever before.
As I was pondering about the fairness and unfairness of the situation I found myself in, someone chuckled behind me.
A tall, handsome fella was looking at me from the doorway.
He had short, spiky-green hair, and pure-red eyes.
Clear signs of a royal.
“I greet the Empire’s light.”
I said, slightly bowing.
Well, it wasn’t quite a bow per se, as this one was 2 heads taller than me, so even a nod could be considered a bow.
“Drop the act, and behave like you did when you chastised me for rough handling your books.”
He said, laughter in his red eyes.
I sighed, and walked up to him.
I barely reached his chest, so I took a chair, and stood on it.
Looking closer to his face, I remembered him, and I started to get angry.
“You! You are the one who almost tore the cover on the “Basics of Elementals”!
It’s an original!”
I exclaimed.
Really, such a book costs more than my entire person, and this individual, no matter how handsome, almost tore it!
“Do you think I couldn’t afford paying for it?”
He asked, with an annoying smirk.
“Of course you would be able to afford it, but would you be willing to pay for it?
Fancy clothing, and black hair, brown eyes, were the ones you had back then.
Clearly a disguise, but still clearly a noble…
Nobles aren’t kind to the normal folk.”
I said, a bit more angrily than I intended, as the chair I was standing on tilted due to my movement, and I almost fell over…him.
But he was like  a damn, mountain, and stopped me with a single hand.
“Careful, little bookworm, you might hurt yourself.”
He said, laughing.
“I can’t win against you, muscle tower.”
I said, stepping down from the chair, and sitting down on the bed.
“Well, how do you feel in this tower?
You even have a library here as well.”
He asked, after an awkward silence.
“I want to go home.
There are orphans I take care of, they must be starving after 3 days…”
I said, sighing.
“The orphanage will take care of them.
They are funded by the royal family, don’t worry about the kids.”
He said.
“Look, I don’t know in what fantasy story do you think we are in.
You must find it refreshing that I don’t give a crap about your status, but if you go to the countryside, you will find plenty of people who won’t care that you are royalty.
Also, orphanage?
The one run by a noble, who pockets 99% of your money?
Seriously, how sheltered you guys live?”
I asked, collapsing unto the bed, staring at the ceiling.
At this point, I was totally expecting to be executed, or jailed.
But he started to laugh.
“It’s indeed refreshing to talk with someone like you.
That’s why I spend some of my time as a farmer, then as a mercenary, and lastly as a smaller noble.
To learn.”
He said.
“That’s not enough.”
I said, sighing.
“Then teach me, you who sees me as a peer.”
He said.
“I treat you just the same as everyone else, and yet you ask me for help.
You are like a kid I raise, so hopelessly in need for the right kind of attention…
I knew royals were burdened by stupid things…
But to be so bad…”
I said, looking at him.
He chuckled, and shrugged.
“Can’t help it.
I can’t choose where on as whom I am born, but I can choose who I become.
So, the little bookworm who would fight a noble for a book, the little angel who took in 19 orphaned kids, the little fairy who miraculously cured the infertile land, and the little thief who took money from the corrupt merchants and gave it to the kids to spread it across the slums…
Will you help me?”
He asked.
So he knew…my secrets…
“Of course, not like I have a choice, muscle tower.”
I said, standing up.
He stretched out his hand, and I shook it.
Thus started a most peculiar partnership…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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