Chosen for a glorious purpose

Our world was vast and filled with wonders.
The figures of legends and myths walked our lands, and they ruled as kings, queens, leaders and gods.
Usually, the normal people are also cultivating, and focusing on a path or another, but they would rarely cross paths with the mighty ones.
There is a chance of 1 in a hundred billion that someone can rise to such levels, so even though we know they are real, even though we might see them…they are still legends.
And I am a normal cultivator.
I am focusing on soul and energy cultivation, through enlightenment gained from knowledge.
Long story short: I read a lot, research a lot, and try to understand a lot.
So why…
Why is that…
When this morning, while I was relaxing with some Ancient Tomes of the Language of the Universe…I heard a knock on my door.
It was weird, for my home was hidden in an ancient forest, in the middle of a random, perfectly average tree.
The  hollow of the tree has been enlarged countless times with a space and time formation, and I had more space and time inside here…
But how…
How could someone find me…
Nevertheless…I went to check out, as I was curious.
Opening the door…I was stunned.
There stood, a tall and lean woman, with fiery blood red ankle reaching rich hair.
She wore a beautiful royal blue dress, and her skin was fair with a slight golden hue to it.
Her eyes were spring green, but were sunken it.
Her lips were of the brightest red, and she was carrying a huge scythe.
“Here take it.
You are the new Death.
I am done with it, too tiring, thus I am retiring.”
She said, pushing her Scythe into my hands, and entering into my home.
She cut a straight line to my living room, which was filled with books, parchments, tomes and pieces of paper.
She waved her hand, and it was all cleaned, and shelved.
She threw herself on the couch. (I didn’t know I had furniture in the living room, other than my shelves)
And she started to…snore.
I wanted to shout, wanted to question her…but I couldn’t move.
The weight of the Scythe rooted me on the spot.
And it was getting hotter and hotter, memories, knowledge and information flowing directly into my brain.
The lady wasn’t a hot mess…well she was…but she wasn’t crazy as I thought…
She was truly…truly Death…
And seemingly…I got her job?
I didn’t know Death can be changed…I always thought Death is the individual with the most understanding towards the various laws of Life, Death, Order, Balance, Fate and many more.
But now…I could sense it.
The fate of all the living and non-living things in our universe…
The myriad reapers that now felt they had a new boss…
The myriad other mighty beings who felt a shift in the laws…
I sighed, and placed the Scythe in my inner space.
Entering my living room, I stopped above the couch.
“Why me?”
I asked, the snoring lady, who was formerly someone even above gods.
She yawned, stretched and looked at me.
“You are a scholar, who respects Life.
You devised over 10 thousand cures for various diseases, created a potion that can revitalize dead ground, and revived several extinct races of herbs, trees and animals.
You saw the fall of several civilizations, and witnessed quite the number of wars and genocides.
There were but 3 individuals, including you who qualified to take on my mantle.
But you…I fancied you.”
She said, face-planting into the pillow once more.
I sighed.
“I am cooking dinner, a lot of meat and vegetables are on the menu, for energy…and some Honey and Fruit wine as refreshment.
So… you can sleep for like 5 hours before it’s ready.
Also, you can stay for however long you want, as I have countless questions.”
I said, leaving for the kitchen.
She grunted as a response, then turned to the other side.
I was a good cook, as I researched more than just cultivation related things.
And having someone to cook for again…was…good.
As I went to the kitchen, I felt the flickering of countless souls…their lives were nearing their end…
I quickly sent my thought to the reapers, who started to go after them.
“Good for the inheritance…otherwise I would need to learn from 0…
But this…this is a good new research for me, so I guess it’s not so bad.”
I thought as this, lest I start to despair.
A new path opened in front of me, which I would or would not enjoy, but that remains as an answer for the future me…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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