Earth: A Prison

The edges of the system 903214, one star and 9 planets are the main components of the system, albeit an artificially made 10th planet can be sometimes be seen.
This artificially made 10th planet appeared once more in the system.
“Are they coming?”
A tall, plant like creature asked.
“Their ship just entered our outer regions, they will be here in a few minutes.”
A robotic voice answered.
Soon indeed, a ship appeared on the surveillance satellites of the artificial planet.
“Captain Lught, calling for Surveillance Center 10832.
Do you copy?”
A female voice could be heard over the channels that were opened for special personnel.
You may dock at Dock 92.”
The robotic voice answered the ship’s captain.
Soon, all the high ranking officers of the artificial planet arrived at  the Dock 93, waiting for them to appear.
At Dock 92, the doors opened and in came two individuals.
A tall, red-headed humanoid female, with greyish skin and pure golden eyes, alongside with a short, bearded green skinned lizard.
“Mayor Lerdvilla, a pleasure to meet someone from the Empire.”
An extremely tall, green male, with brown bear and red skin saluted the captain.
“A forest nymph, you are long lived fellas, have you been here the entire 150 thousand or so years?”
Captain Lught asked.
“Yes, I’ve been one of the first officers, and when our center became a proper stand-alone colony, I’ve became its mayor.
I’ve been in office for 80 thousand years, and I am proud to say that our surveillance and containment procedure have been flawless.”
Mayor Lerdvilla said.
“Good, lead me to your office, I need a debriefing done.”
Captain Lught said.
Then the two headed towards the mayor’s office, while the captain’s accompanying lizard was left outside the office, to guard the door.
“So…tell me more about the prisoners.
I’ve read their files…but it seems…impossible.”
Captain Lught said.
“The prisoners…were two tribes, male and female of a…rather highly advanced civilization.
They were the last survivors of an a humongous intergalactic war…where their civilization actually started the war against 5 others: Fae, Dragons, Beastmen, Immortals and Demons… and they were winning…”
Mayor Lerdvilla started to tell the story.
“So everything I read is true…
A weak race became a hegemon in our eastern universe…”
The Captain murmured, slightly shivering.
“They weren’t as attuned to the nature as the Fae, nor as strong and wise as Dragons.
They weren’t as varied and gifted as the Beastmen.
They weren’t  in possession of knowledge as the Immortals, nor were they as enduring as the Demons…
But they were creative, flexible in thinking and adaptable…and so so united…”
Mayor Lerdvilla continued.
“But was that enough?
Enough to make the Alliance step in and gather the power of hundreds of civilizations to eradicate a single one?”
Captain Lught asked.
“Decide for yourself…
They could learn to attune themselves to nature even better than the average Fae…
They could get stronger and wiser than the average adult Dragon…
They could awaken gifts even better than the elite of the Beastmen…
They could learn and search for knowledge, as the scholars of the Immortals…
And under pressure…the true pressure one faces as a whole civilization and not as an individual…they wouldn’t break…wouldn’t bend…but raise taller…being much more tenacious than the Demons…
So…tell me, if such a race has also a high population…what would their danger level be?”
Mayor Lerdvilla asked.
“Eternity danger level…
One that surpassed even the Eldritch entities …
Now it’s understandable why the last two tribes, that were the least evolved still got a genetic wash and do-over, mind-swipe and been sent to the edges of the Wasteland Sector…”
Captain Lught sighed.
“All those are capital punishments in the alliance, for any race…yet…it wasn’t enough.”
Mayor Lerdvilla shook his head.
“What do you mean not enough?”
The captain asked.
“We’ve stopped all the surrounding civilization from contacting them.
And they should’ve been like a completely new race, after all the things they’ve been through…
Yet…they awakened memories of their Empires and mighty figures, albeit they still think of them as legends…
But they are evolving fast…
In these mere years, they are almost a 5th tier civilization, ready to conquer their system in a few centuries.
And once they do so, by the laws, we shall retreat, lift all barriers…and then the energy will wash over in high quantities…
I fear that day will be the beginning of a new end…”
Mayor Lerdvilla sighed.
“How…how did evolve so fast?”
Captain Lught asked.
They almost ended themselves multiple times because of it…
Imagine, the two tribes renamed themselves as “Adam” and “Eve”, meaning man and woman, literally shaping the foundation of their race…
They killed each other endlessly during these years…and yet they still progress and advance.
It seems that nothing will stop them from arriving back at their peak…it’s just a matter of time.”
The mayor said.
The captain gulped.
“I shall report back to the alliance, and ask for a new decision to be made.”
She said.
“No point, they still have mighty figures out there, in the vast universe, that weren’t killed…couldn’t be killed nor sealed…
The Alliance won’t dare to completely disregard them.
What has to come, will come…
Now! Let’s celebrate that you’ve arrived here in one piece!
Let’s wash away this brooding mood, come!”
The mayor suddenly laughed, and dragged the captain to an imperial feast.
Everything was great, and the artificial planet soon disappeared once more…patrolling the edges of the system stealthily.
But they knew…
They knew that the danger exists…and is ever growing…
And this danger is now on the most important prison their Alliance ever had, on a planet that their inhabitants call as “Earth”.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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