Monsters quarrel

Many have heard about the “Monster under the bed” and the “Closet Monster”.
But rarely have anyone had the thought that they are actually real.
For fear is a strong emotion, and it’s a perfect energy source to give birth to peculiar creatures.
Usually, one has either one of the two types of monsters…
But what happens if a house, has both?
In Daniel’s home, he had two such entities.
He was but a 10 year old boy, and he didn’t really hear or see the two monsters that often.
But he knew, he knew that he had a monster under the bed, and one in the closet.
The two were often quarrelling, action which usually woke him up, but they stopped when he did so…
Or at least, usually, they did, this time…they continued their argument.
“Listen, girlie, this boy is my battery, stop dwelling under his bed, and go find another prey!”
A hoarse voice growled in a low tone from the closet.
“Shut up, dead-boy, this is a free battlefield, whomever of us can affect him more, will get the more energy.”
A coquettish voice purred from below the bed.
Daniel was still sleeping, but he was already slightly moving in the bed.
“Okay, you sock smelling demon, you wanna duke it out?”
The hoarse voice asked.
“Maybe if you come under the bed we will, but I can’t assure you we will be fighting in the way you think we will.”
The coquettish voice giggled.
Daniel woke up, and shivered.
He heard the voices, but couldn’t really understand what they were talking about.
“O-okay, it’s high-time we ended this feud.
But the boy’s awake, we shall wait…”
The hoarse voice said, slightly startled.
“Oh, you want to be alone? Kinky, but I like it.
Although, we’ve been fighting for years now, it’s time this sweet spot becomes mine.
And I can let the young one on the bed start to have some real niiice dreams, in a few years.”
The coquettish voice giggled.
Daniel screamed, and his parents came in.
They checked the closet and looked under the bed, but nothing.
Daniel slept that night with his parents.
The two monsters quarreled, even fought, but often talked and teased each other.
In the end, the two were “fighting” over Daniel’s fear for 8 years.
When Daniel turned 18, he was immune to them, and his fear couldn’t feed them at all anymore.
On the day of his birthday, Daniel had a big party, at a local restaurant.
He came back late with his family, and all he wanted was to go to sleep.
After showering, brushing his teeth, he dragged his feet to the bed, and before face-planting into the pillow, he saw something.
It was an envelope.
“For the kid”
It was written on it, in an awkward manner, with the ink being spread, like the one who wrote didn’t let it dry, and went over it with something.
Opening the envelope, he found a letter, similarly written in a messy way.
But it was clear that this was a joke…
Or so he thought.
On the letter it was written:
“Thanks kid, for because of you we’ve met.
I know, we had argued a lot, and you’ve heard that, but still…
It was your under the bed and closet that allowed us to meet, so thank you.
We cordially invite you, to our wedding, it will be in a few months from your annoying birthday, at 4 A.M., at the cemetery at the end of your street.
Cheers: The good looking lady from under your bed, and the annoying closet boy.
P.S: The handsome, godly closer monster king, and annoying lust filled girl.
P.P.S: Like you hate that I am like that, he-he.
P.P.P.S: Not here…Sorry kid.”
Daniel laughed, and then threw the letter somewhere…under the bed…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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