Best friends?

There he was, Alex, a once normal teenager, panting, his flesh and skin wriggling and healing.
Above him stood his best friend, Victoria, also panting, drenched in sweat and his blood, with a bloodied axe in her hands.
“How many times do I have to kill you, before you stay dead?”
Victoria asked, panting.
“I don’t know, but for Heaven’s sake, keep trying Victoria!”
Alex said, in a muffled voice, his vocal cords weren’t completely healed yet.
Victoria nodded, and bit her lip.
Throwing the axe away, she went towards a suitcase that was filled with different weapons, poisons, acids and other items that would surely kill the run-of-a-mill human.
How did all this happen?
What was going on?
Everything was normal two years ago, when Alex haven’t turned yet 18.
But the very day he turned 18, everything went to hell.
Suddenly, people around him started to rage, randomly attack each other, start sexual activities with whomever or whatever was closest to them or simply lying down and sleeping in the middle of the road…
He influenced everyone around him with the Seven Deadly Sins.
Everyone but his best friend, Victoria.
They didn’t know what was happening, so they visited doctors, mystics, but nobody could solve it.
Thankfully, after the people that were affected by Alex, were taken away from 10 m around him, soon they recovered.
Soon meaning hours at best, but at least it wasn’t a permanent effect.
Afterwards, Alex became shut-in.
He didn’t let anyone close to him.
Not even Victoria, but Victoria didn’t care about that, and she always went over to visit him.
Once, she found him in the window…
He tried to do something that is seen as a last measure by those in desperate situation, but life didn’t give him the satisfaction.
For he jumped, and got himself really hurt, but a few minutes later, he was healed.
Victoria watched baffled as he walked in his room once more, with tattered bloodied clothes, but otherwise healthy.
And that’s when they started to read more and more about mysticism.
And since then, there were others who tried to kill him, he realized something.
Since the healing isn’t instantaneous, maybe he just needs enough damage done in a quick succession to properly die.
And that’s how we arrived at what is happening today.
The two have bought an abandoned forest cabin.
And with plenty of tools, they tried to solve the problem.
“Are you sure this is the only thing we can do?”
Victoria asked, right before starting.
“Please, you are my best friend…Only you can help me.”
Alex said.
Victoria nodded, with tears in her eyes, and stabbed him in the heart, and thus started the trials.
Now, three days have passed…and nothing worked.
Alex was despairing, and contemplated the method of burial.
He theorized that if Victoria buried him deep enough, even if he doesn’t die, he won’t affect others.
That’s when Victoria, sweaty and bloody, grabbed his head and kissed him.
“Fuck this “I wanna die to protect the Earth” act.
I love you, you fool.
Don’t go thinking about running away from me!”
She said, crying slightly.
Alex was stunned.
Is this that big of a surprise?”
Victoria giggled, enjoying Alex’s expression.
“B—b-but! I am cursed!
I am a walking calamity!”
Alex exclaimed.
“A calamity that doesn’t affect me.
So, you be a house husband, my little boy toy, and I will go an earn the money, do the shopping and so on.”
Victoria said, giggling, raising Alex’s chin.
Alex blushed.
The two in this manner, began their new lives.
Several years later, even the dexterous Victoria cut herself by mistake, when she was cutting food for their children…
Then she realized that the cut was healing at visible speed…
She looked at the kids, whom never cried…not even when teething…and smiled then sighed.
“Oh, what will come of this…”
She said, before going back to her chores…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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