The Unveiled Circus

There are things we, humans can’t explain.
There are things, realms above realms that exist beyond any human comprehension.
They are veiled, and hidden, lest an entity evolved enough comes along and destroys everything we thought we knew about everything.
The secrets hidden behind the veil are plenty, but as always, secrets pay well.
Thus, there are countless brave individuals dealing with secrets from beyond the veil, all very expensive…but there is always an exception.
There is a place, where one needs to be lucky enough to find a ticket, and will gain entry for free.
The tickets are randomly scattered across space-and-time. (at least accordingly to the Circus Owner)
This place, like I have already given away, is a circus.
The shows are always entertaining, for they are always different.
The circus pries open the veil and lets whatever is near the opening to enter our realm, thus the viewers never know what they will get to see.
The thrill of the unknown raises once experience to new highs, but the danger is also unprecedented.
On the tickets themselves, there is a small print: “One’s life is in one’s own hands”.
The warning is heeded by some, but others are driven by their curiosity for the peculiar, and ignore such warnings.
There were time, that despite the owner’s own strangeness and powers, that creatures of unknown abilities came through, and massacred every single person that came with a ticket.
The staff were all protected by the owner.
In such a place, one can see many things.
From randomly floating stones, talking flowers, parts of ancient ruins to creatures straight out of books.
Dragons, wolves the size of a hill, flying tigers, magicians, warlocks, beastmen and many more have been seen in the circus.
But on a certain evening, the show was…more than anyone bargained for.
They opened the veil, and waited…
And after half an hour, a gentleman in a 3-piece ashen grey suit, with red tie stepped in.
At first people thought they were lucky, it’s clear the man was intelligent, and if he could speak in English, or any other language, they would finally hear more stories about other realms.
After all, intelligent life-forms are a rare delicacy even in this place.
But oh, so wrong they were.
The moment the man appeared he smirked, and looked towards the staff.
They quickly bowed, and summoned the Circus Owner.
When he appeared he laughed, and hugged the gentleman who came through the veil.
“Little brother, it’s been eons!”
The Circus Owner said.
“Big Brother.”
The gentleman hugged him back and nodded.
The audience gasped, as some already guessed.
The Circus Owner wasn’t from Earth.
The gentleman scoured the audience.
“Intelligence mid-tier 2, body constitution low-tier 3, hmm, quite sad, oh, upper-tier 1 imagination and adaptability… Not bad, worth investing in, though high chances of betrayal from such civilizations.”
The gentleman said.
“Only if annexed as a subsidiary civilization, if we are allies…it’s a different story.”
The Circus Owner said.
“Allies? No…too young. Let’s talk in a couple millennia.
It was good to see you, there are a few Deep Water Golden Bison herds around the opening, will send you a few.
Good show, and good dinner afterwards.
See you brother.”
The gentleman said, as he entered the veil once more.
The Circus Owner waved at him, and then left.
Not long after, dozens of 6 meter tall, 10 meter long golden cattle like creatures came in, and the staff met them with some herbs that made them sleepy.
The audience could pet, and feed them in this sleepy state.
Albeit, one member almost lost their life under one of the creatures horns.
The people who heard the conversation between the owner and the visitor were hyped, and spread it across the internet.
Strangely enough, it didn’t cause any waves, and nobody tried to find the Circus Owner for further questions.
It’s hard to say if the circus is evil or not.
After all…it’s a business.
They do know of the dangers, but they’ve warned those that attend their shows.
And their shows…are truly the best, when it comes to entertainment.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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