Snow White’s trials

There was once a young maiden of unparalleled beauty and purity.
She had hair as dark as the deepest abyss.
Skin as fair as the freshly fallen snow and as pale the moonlight that shatters when seen.
Eyes as bright, and as blue as the clearest skies.
Lips as red as red roses bathed in fresh dew in the morning sunlight.
Voice so sweet and mellow that nature swayed at its sound.
And a mind so free, so pure that the breeze of spring and autumn took on that freedom as a goal.
She was Snow White, princess of a tiny but blessed kingdom, for their king was powerful, kind and wise.
He knew when to use his power and when to use his kindness, and he cared for his kingdom, and he cared for his people.
But above all, he loved his wife and he loved his newborn child.
Alas, life is unfair or…too fair.
For the moment Snow White was born, and the Queen lay eyes on her, she passed away peacefully.
The courtiers were wise and have woven a beautiful story.
Once Life saw how beautiful the pair of mother-daughter were, she sent the mother to Death as a gift, for two people of such beauty being kept on her domain would’ve been selfish.
And so, the King mourned and so did the kingdom, but this…shall to pass, for the child of their love was healthy.
And she looked so much like her mother, thus the King poured all the love he had for his wife onto his child, and loved her more than anything.
And his love moved the kingdom as well, and everyone loved the little cheerful princess, not that it was hard, for Snow White was polite and smart, and she loved to listen to other’s stories.
But the King was a man of great responsibilities, and he shouldered them alone for too long, so when Snow White was 5 years old, he went to relax and organized a hunt.
As he was hunting, he met with a beautiful young lady.
She had fiery red hair, that was braided and reached her ankles.
She wore thin spring green robes, with a golden shirt peeking out from it.
Her skin was sparkling, like that of golden sand, and her eyes were fresh brown like those of the healthiest trees.
Her voice was cheerful, yet aged and filled with caution and thought.
She won the King’s heart with but a meeting, and by the first conversation, the man was thinking about marriage.
He knew, she was a witch, someone of dangers untold, but his heart was moved, and was beating once more after so many years.
But he didn’t forget about his treasure, about the dear child he valued more than his own life.
So he made the two meet, and the witch fell in love with Snow White, just like everyone does.
Not was she jealous of the child’s beauty, nor was she bothered by her questions, for the witch was like the king.
Burdened with more things than she could carry, so she left, to found her way…and found it she had.
Thus, the kingdom welcomed a new Queen, the King finally had someone to share his problems and gained a new wife, while Snow White gained a new tutor, a new mother.
It was a blessed period for everyone.
The Queen was well-versed in her arts, and she was close to nature.
So together with her efforts, the lands become more fertile, the woods less dangerous and the miners found more riches than before.
All the same time while the people themselves were getting friendlier with the woodland creatures and laws.
Snow White, now 16, also picked up the legacies of her father, her mother, and her step-mother.
She was agile, and a swordswoman with no equal below those of the official knighthood.
She was smart, and caring and her healing arts were inherited from her mother, one of the greatest miracle makers that the kingdom ever saw.
She was curious and wise, so her magic also blossomed, slowly but strongly and beautifully, that even the witch was amazed.
But magic wasn’t something simple, for it was given to the humans by spirits, demons and creatures of fae.
Thus the witch was afraid, for her was already branded as someone different.
She could hardly bear the fruit of love between a man and woman, and her life was awfully long, but Snow White was pure and spotless as an empty page of a book.
There are creatures that would massacre a world and a half for someone of her talents, seeing that she had no patron.
And her fears came into fruitions, when seven beams of fire each of a different color, blossomed into seven figures when she was teaching Snow White, about the language of the animals.
The first fire beam blossomed into the shape of a gentle man, with deep and dark eyes, slightly rusty skin and golden short hair.
He had a quiet air around him, reading a book, while sitting on a boulder, but he was dangerous.
For he was Wrath.
The second fire beam blossomed into the shape of hundreds ravens, that with gleaming eyes scanned the courtyard.
Don’t think less of these birds, for they are smarter than the average human, and they seek which they can and can’t have.
Fear them if you have riches, for they are Greed.
The third fire beam blossomed into a beautiful woman.
She was tall, and curvaceous with long golden hair, sparkling like fire.
Her eyes were amethyst purple, and her skin like silver, attracted one’s gaze.
Her clothes where thin, almost non-existent, her body’s outline emphasized by them.
She looked over, and chuckled, her voice resounding like bells.
Don’t get fooled, for she is one that disdains Gods and Devils alike, she is Pride.
The fourth beam blossomed into figures of androgynous characters.
They appeared frolicking with each other, each having a different gender every next second.
They were all great beauties, and they took great pleasure in their actions, while throwing inviting glances to whomever they saw.
The Queen was almost affected, but Snow White just curiously glanced towards the figures.
Don’t think of them as promiscuous shameless individuals, for once somebody joins them, there is no escape, for they are Lust.
The fifth beam blossomed into a great mountainous sized bear.
It was sleeping, and the moment it appeared, all the other figures also slowed down, even Snow White and the Queen started yawning.
The bear opening its eyes barely, looked around, and then went back to sleep.
One shouldn’t laugh, or ignore such an appearance, and one shouldn’t poke this sleeping bear.
For the bear is Sloth.
The sixth beam of fire blossomed into the figure of a young girl, maybe even younger than Snow White.
She was beautiful but at the same time not, she was tall but at the same time not, she was cheerful but at the same not.
Her clothes were beautiful but at the same time not, her clothes were expensive but at the same time not.
When she appeared Pride smirked, while the young woman threw dirt towards her.
One shouldn’t look down on her, be her average, her anger, her drive might be of higher quality than that of Wrath’s.
For she knows no limits, for she knows not when to stop when she thinks someone has it better, for she is Envy.
And at last, the seventh beam of fire blossomed into a chiseled, young muscular man that looked like a statue.
He had sausages in one hand, a pig’s tender meat in another, and was chewing already on some food.
Around him were bones, glasses of wine and other drinks scattered, while he ate, and drank and ate and drank.
But he wasn’t stopping, and he didn’t feel full ever.
One shouldn’t look down on him, as someone who lost to an obsession, for he is Gluttony.
The Queen paled, as she knew who they were facing.
Rushing forward, she shielded Snow White behind her.
At this, Pride snickered.
“Little witch, you think you can protect her?”
She said.
The Queen said nothing, but tried to slowly walk away.
“Stop this farce, let’s do what we came to do.”
Wrath suddenly said, sending his magic in waves towards Snow White.
The Queen tried to shield her, but the magic wasn’t offensive, so it passed through her barrier straight to Snow White.
Snow White fell asleep, and soon all the others sent their magic towards her.
“W-w-what are you doing to her?”
The Queen asked.
“T-eeeeesting her…Good seeeedling…”
Sloth said yawningly.
The Queen watched worriedly, as Snow White frowned, smiled or raised her cute little eyebrows.
In her dream, Snow White was now facing challenges from all the seven figures.
She was forced to watch horrible, horrible things being done to her father, her step-mother, her friends, her kingdom and then given omnipotence and the chance for revenge.
She simply revived those who died, and compensated those who suffered, while banishing the evil doers.
She didn’t kill, maim or torture anyone, even when her feelings were enhanced by the dream.
Thus passing Wrath’s trial.
Then she was thrown into a mountain range filled with caves of treasures.
Each cave held more and more riches: from precious gems, metals to artifacts, alchemic ingredients and even castles.
She watches mesmerized these riches, spent decades painting them, but she took nothing, touched nothing, thus passing Greed’s trial.
Next up she was thrown into a possible future.
She was older, more mature and even more enchanting.
People kneeled in front of her beauty, sages bowed in front of her wisdom, sorcerers begged for her guidance in magic.
But she wasn’t affected, she helped people with what she could, she furiously blushed when people complimented her and laughed it off when the elderly sages praised her.
She continued steadfast with her attitude, curious of everything learning even from those that considered themselves lesser than her.
Thus, she got an “Not Bad” nod from Pride.
After that, she was thrown into another possible future, where she was married.
Her husband was anything but inexperienced, his prowess and tastes in the bedroom matters being exaggerated and varied.
At first Snow White was shy, and let her husband lead the way, but she was curios so she experimented.
Her husband brought many new things into the bedroom, then even other people as well.
Snow White didn’t enjoy those experiences too much, she loved the simple, straightforward matters, but she loved her husband, or so she thought.
She didn’t lose herself, and went on to manage the lands of her husband, for he was a Great Lord.
Albeit she didn’t lose herself, she did enjoy the matters between a man and a woman, whilst she passed Lust’s trials, this was the one which taught her the most.
Next, Snow White was thrown into a hall filled with soft pillows, and blankets.
A soothing  music was being played, while fragrances of Lavender, sandalwood and vanilla filled the hall.
Outside was nighttime with the moon slightly illuminating the hall, while a slight cool, but comforting breeze blew in.
Snow White found it good and slept, but when it came to morning it was still nighttime.
She was still tired, but she had to wake up, she had a routine to continue.
She trained, she cooked, she tried new treatments and she tried new spells, her day was eventful.
When returning to the hall filled with pillows, her sleep was even better.
She enjoyed the rest, but she didn’t forget her tasks, thus she passed Sloth’s trial.
For the following trial, she was sent once again in an alternate timeline.
Here, not long after remarrying, his father and his step-mother welcomed a beautiful young boy to the family.
Snow White loved her little brother and her little brother worshiped her, but nothing was the same.
Her father started ignoring her, while her step-mother moved her into a side-wing of the palace.
Courtiers started to mock her, while the citizens started to spread bad rumors about her.
Nobody loved her anymore, everyone was loving and focusing on her little brother.
But Snow White smiled, and took care of her brother, and when she became 18, after years of neglect and torture, she simply left for another country.
Becoming a healer, and witch for the needy, her family never contacted her, and they started wars in the name of more land for their heir.
After decades, the entire world was given to the little brother, while Snow White was secluded to a remote corner of a forest.
But she was happy, for she knew that her family was well and happy, and thus she continued to heal wild animals and faes that managed to find her.
This way was how she passed Envy’s trial.
And lastly, she was sent back to her normal timeline, but her mother was still alive, and she was a great cook.
So, she made more and more dishes for Snow White, whom tasted all of them, and they were delicious.
But no matter what she ate, or how much she ate, she was never full, nor did she gain fat.
So she ate, and ate, but she never stopped training or learning either, for she was eager to see what lays behind the things she didn’t know.
She hungered for more than just food or drinks, and thus she passed Gluttony’s trial.
The moment she passed the last trial she woke up.
The Queen hugged, and started checking if she’s okay or hurt anywhere.
“Mom, I am okay.”
Snow White said.
The Queen started to cry, and hugged her even more.
Wrath, just nodded and left.
Greed, cawed, circled the forest twice and then left.
Pride, snorted and then left.
Lust, winked at Snow White before leaving.
Sloth, waved sluggishly before leaving.
Envy, tried to say something, teared up, screamed something unintelligible and left.
Gluttony threw a glass of good wine at Snow White.
“Celebrate, for you’ve been chosen by all of us.”
He said with mouth full of food and drink, and then he left.
As they left, above Snow White right breast, seven symbols appeared in seven different colors.
Her eyes also shone with those colors, before disappearing.
The Queen sighed.
“You’ve been chosen by the Seven Deadly Sins, greater honor and greater calamity couldn’t have happened to you, my little moonshine.”
She said.
Snow White just smiled.
“With them as my patrons, now I am a witch like you mother, right?”
She asked.
The Queen giggled and nodded.
The two then left, and their days were spent now focusing even more on magic.

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