The Locksmith

Everyone has secrets.
Even things that are not exactly living…per se.
Such as continents, planets, galaxies and universes as well.
In the vast multiverse, there are plenty of things that should be left behind closed doors, never to see the light again.
And that’s why, he, the Locksmith is called upon such doors.
He’s the one who creates the locks for these doors, never to be opened ever again.
And his technique is unrivalled.
He doesn’t simply seals the places, he literally creates a lock that makes everything blend together seamlessly.
Your secret, a dangerous place or a future calamity is inside a mountain range?
The Locksmith will blend in said piece with the surroundings, locking all mountain peaks and earthen veins together, making it seem all natural.
Not even Sages can see anything artificial in said environment.
Your secret is underwater?
The Locksmith will create a lock that will move constantly with the water currents, but the place locked remains stationary.
That way, even if someone knows about the secret, they will hardly find the lock that keeps it sealed.
Your secret is a living being?
No worries, he will make a lock that will hide and put it in slumber, while spawning creatures out of its blood.
These creatures are all created with 2 purposes: to wander and to procreate.
That way, the original living being’s karma will be all over the place, while even its blood will be hard to track.
And that’s not all.
For a reason or another, the Locksmith is doing such things for free.
Whether it’s a small or big secret, he happily helps people to hide and lock them away.
This act of his made a lot of superpowers angry.
After all, some of those secrets might’ve been dangerous for someone weak, but could’ve been a useful resource or training ground for the stronger forces.
Sadly for them, the Locksmith is a person who understand the secrets of the universe quite well, after all, he has been dealing with them for quite some time.
Thus, it’s not hard for him to hide, run away or simply lock away the attacks that head towards him.
Long story short, if someone isn’t unimaginably stronger than he is, then no attack will have any effects on him.
Thankfully, he hates violence, and rarely does he kill his assailants, although, he does lock them up for centuries in interesting prisons.
From little universes where the assailants are forced to live more or less embarrassing lives, to tickling hells, everything is possible.
Most laugh when they hear the Locksmith’s deeds, but those superpowers started to avoid the Locksmith due to them.
After all, one can count on their hands how many people can actually create a small universe on a whim.
When asked, why is he doing all of it for free, the Locksmith smiles.
“I started my training, because a sealed demon destroyed my family, quite cliché right?
Afterwards, while wandering with my master, I saw too many things that should be left alone, letting time wash over them, erasing them.
Thus, I started sealing them, locking them up.
I hate boredom, so I managed to find new ways, other than “Stack seals upon seals, that draw the energy of the universe hurr-durr-durr.
And why is it free?
Because I consider it as training, and I enjoy doing it.
Not like I need money or resources.”
Is what he says.
But when he talks about his family, his eyes are extremely lonely, and sad.
After all, there are uncountable legends and stories about the Locksmith…
But sadly…he is all alone in all of them.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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