A mermaid’s favor

I was out, seeking my luck at a flea market.
Usually I scored a rare game, comic book, book or toy that people just threw out thinking it was worthless.
But this time, I met someone…peculiar.
Usually, it’s parents selling some old stuff, or elderly people trying to gather some money to send their kids.
Rarely, there are some young’uns who are sent here to better their negotiating and life skills.
But…not young ones like the one I met…
He was, a strapping young man, that was also extremely handsome.
It was especially weird, since I never could see a man handsome unless he was top-tier model handsome.
But that’s beside the point.
The point is, he wore a spotless white 3-piece suit, with a royal blue tie.
He was casually selling some random books, comics, but in the middle of the table he had a pearl the size of my fist.
The pearl was sparkling even in the shadow, and was showing hints of being the colors of the rainbow.
I wasn’t the first here…
Why wasn’t that pearl bought already?
So, with such thought on my mind, I went up to his tall.
“Hello, how much for the pearl?”
I asked.
“Hmm, you look like you grew up around these parts of the island, right?”
He asked.
“Yes…You’ve got the pearl from our waters?”
I asked, raising an eyebrow.
It wasn’t unheard of, but we didn’t practice natural pearl hunting for decades.
There are now little farms, that simulate the proper environment for the oysters, and they aren’t left randomly in the ocean after being harvested.
“You could say so…
You can have it for free, but I got it from a mermaid, so you might have to watch your back.
So, do you want it?”
He said, with a smirk.
Oh, so that’s why…
This young man is one of those dreamers, and the others must have wanted to avoid anything to do with legends…
“Sure, I will have it.”
I said, taking the pearl in my hands.
It was heavy, and cold and warm at the same time…
“Good luck.”
He said, and left, leaving behind all the other stuff unattended on his stall.
I shrugged and left as well.
I drove to the shore, and wandered until I found a cliffy, secluded almost dangerous area.
It was sure that nobody is going to come here.
“Hey, ocean, one of your children’s pearl is here.
If legends are right, this is like their soul, and without it they can’t get pregnant, they have no emotions and so on…
Also, it kind of makes  the one who holds it the mermaids “master”.
Don’t want to get on the wrong side of a sea creature when I am living on an island, so here is the pearl, take it back.”
I said to the ocean, and slowly pushed the pearl into the water.
The waters that were rather vicious around these parts actually calmed down…
I gulped, and left.
What I didn’t know, that as I left, a pair of eyes was watching me…
I went back to my life, and years passed.
Our island was hit by a hurricane, and everything was chaotic.
While running away from the flood, my wife was suddenly entranced.
She drove her car, with our kids in it to the shore…closer to the water…to the raging waves…
I frantically drove after her, but I soon realized something was amiss…
Closer we were to the ocean, the calmer the weather got.
We weathered through the hurricane in our cars, with almost not even a droplet of water wetting us…
As we ascertained that it was all over, it was time to leave, I felt someone watching me.
Looking to the vast waters I saw a figure nodding towards me.
I smiled, bowed slightly, and left.
My wife asked me if I knew what happened.
“Just a favor returned.”
I chuckled, but made sure to teach my kids to be respectful to the lives of those critters that live in the ocean.
Whether we eat them or not..
After all… we live on an island, if we mess with them, we will surely get the shorter end of the stick.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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