Death’s Apprentice

I was on the last bus of the day, when I saw someone peculiar in the back seat.
He was looking at most 16, tall, slim, with an oversized green hoodie, and green sweatpants.
He was sighing loudly, while reading a book.
What was odd…
What was odd was that nobody seemed to see him…even though he was with his legs on the woman next to him.
At the next stop the woman left, and I saw…saw his legs just phase through her…
I gulped, and he seemed to see that.
He grinned.
I pretended not to see him, and busied myself with my phone.
Seconds seemed aged, and the 15 minute bus ride seemed like an eternity to me…
When I arrived home I was tired, powerless, and all I wanted was a cold glass of water, a shower and to sleep…
But when I entered my living room, I wasn’t the first to arrive apparently.
The boy whom I saw, was sitting on the couch, gobbling my snacks, and downing the glasses of lemonade I prepared for myself.
As I turned on the light, he looked up.
“Yo, what’s up?”
He said, as he cleaned his fingers.
I totally saw something red pouring out of them.
“W-w-who are you?”
I asked.
“I am Umbra Mortis, but friends call me Morty, or at least, I would like, if I had any friends.”
He said, sighing, and drowning himself in lemonade.
“You are…You are dead?”
I asked.
“Hmm, hard to say.
Living beings die, then become other kind of “living” things, just not necessarily the living thingies you are.
But I am Death’s Apprentice, shadow…literally, shadowing him as one day I will need to take over.”
Morty said, sighing.
“You say it like it’s a bad thing.”
I said, starting to calm down and get used to his presence.
He was awfully like a…human teenager.
“Because dealing with awful cases, leading reapers, maintaining the order of the in-between realms, taking care of immortals and such is something to be coveted?
I’ve been shadowing the Boss for millions of years, and all I learnt is that, every single day we face something different…
So basically, I need to be good with everything and anything…”
He sighed.
“Talk about pressure, huh?”
I chuckled.
“Yeah, no really free-time either.”
He said.
“So that means…that I…”
I asked, gulping.
“No, no no no, you still have a solid half a century if not more, don’t worry.
I saw that you can see me, so you are a future candidate for reaperhood.
I guess I wanted just to talk to someone.”
He said, fiddling with his fingers at the end.
I sighed in relief, and chuckled.
“Want to play something? I have X-box, PlayStation and Switch as well, you choose.”
I said, pointing to the consoles near the TV.
“Great! I always wanted to try human games!”
He said, running to check the game pile.
It wasn’t that bad having him here, brings a good kind of energy to the house.
Albeit he reminded me of something…less pleasant…
Unbeknown to us, a lady with fiery red air, fair complexion and tall and lean was watching us from upstairs.
“Good, he needed some way to vent…both of them needed actually…”
She murmured, as she watched the two with a smile.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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