Soul Choosing

In most realms, the soul is a mysterious force.
It gives personality, it gives possibilities, it gives fate and a reason to all that it is.
All beings, whether intelligent or not possess a soul, this includes even inanimate objects.
Some souls are more complex than others, and usually, a living being’s soul is much more complex and detailed.
Most realms know about the soul but they are unaware of its intricacies.
Some realms know about the soul, are actively researching and improving in, they are mostly advanced realms.
But there is one realm…
One realm that goes in a different way about life.
All but this realm have a certain way about life.
A soul is born and it is given to a body or it gives birth to a body.
There are certain realms where the soul is dormant at first, and the body wakes it up or “creates” it.
But essentially, a soul is what is at the start, at the core and at the end of a life.
But here, in this one realm…
They are living soullessly for 10 years, before going to special shops that sell souls…
And this story is about how a little young one choose his soul, thus choosing his own, magnificent albeit heavy fate…
It was a normal day for Marcus, he went to school, learnt, practiced his martial arts, went home and ate.
But afterwards, her mother looked seriously at him.
“It’s time, little moonshine.”
She said.
She was never serious with Marcus, with a smile always on her face, she was beaming of love and support, but now…she was worried.
Marcus just calmly nodded…after all he had no emotions, and if he wanted to have…he needed to go to the shop of souls.
The two went out, and drove slowly towards the outskirts of the town.
There, they arrived in front of an old shop.
“It’s here.”
His mother said.
Marcus nodded, and entered the shop alone.
After all, his mother’s presence might influence his choice, and that wouldn’t be good.
Entering, he was greeted by countless shelves with different items on it that when went bright and lit up, when went dark and almost disappeared from sight.
“Welcome young one, time to choose your path?”
A voice asked.
Marcus looked around but saw no one.
“Yes, I’ve come to choose my soul.”
He said.
“good, good.
Souls have many shapes, choose one that suits you, little young one.
I await your decision: will you be someone cheerful? Someone moody?
Someone average? Someone with a greater calling?
Go and choose!”
The voice exclaimed.
Marcus nodded impassively and looked around.
The objects on the shelves were all souls…
From rocks, blades of grass to machines, robots, stars and more, there were in all the shapes a language can and cannot express.
Marcus walked around, stopping and carefully analyzing each object, but none resonated with him.
Not the sword, not the tome, not the sun nor the machine…
He walked and walked, when he felt a pang in his heart, head and guts at the same time.
He turned towards the shelves to his right, and looked at the object in the left side of the middle shelf.
He felt like everything became more colorful, and he even heard music being played.
“I’ve chosen my soul.”
He said.
“It chose you, little one, and what a peculiar choice.
I will watch your development closely.”
The voice said, as the object Marcus chose started to float towards him and merged with him.
“Thank you.”
He said smiling, and walked  away while jumping happily.
He said, hugging his mother.
His mother hugged him back, with tears of joy forming.
“Good thing you are okay, my moonshine.”
She said.
The two drove away, going home, this time, Marcus had an extra shape in himself, a shape of oscillating lights and shadows…
He had his emotions now, but will they be what everyone expects them to be?
Souls are mysterious things after all, and choosing one’s soul is much more dangerous than being birthed by the soul…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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