Always here

I was always here.
Ever since I opened my eyes and watched the planet heat up, freeze, crack and evolve giving birth to living creatures…I was always here.
I don’t know what or who I am.
Well, I’ve chosen myself a name: Caci, it is quite recent, barely  a few hundred years old, it means brave, watchful.
Since I don’t know why I am here, and since it’s been billions of years, I do consider myself brave and watchful.
After all this wandering with nobody to talk to…I am still not throwing tantrums, that’s gotta be brave, right?
Well, nobody to talk to is a stretch…
After all, I talk  to everybody I encounter, it’s just…nobody hears me…nobody sees me.
I can walk the Earth, but to be fair, I don’t know if I have a body or not.
I often imagine myself as a woman, since I will awkward when I meet people, feeling really naked…
But I could very well be a gust of wind or some kind of energy, spirit, soul or something along those lines.
It’s rather tiring but at the same time exciting.
I’ve seen countless wars, conflicts being born and ended.
I’ve seen the juicy secrets that each of the people living here try to hide.
Sadly, I can’t really be everywhere at the same time, otherwise, it would be even better.
I know, I know, I have become quite the gossip enjoyer, but since it’s one of the few things I can actually actively participate in…I had no choice, but to enjoy it, right?
I’ve been roaming this Earth and seen some things.
Nowadays, people watch shows and movies, but damn, reality is much more interesting.
Those things people think of as legends, myths and stories?
They are real, so real that I can’t even begin to explain them.
For a reason or another, beings that could remodel space and probably time as well, as novelists would write, appeared roughly 400 thousand years ago.
There weren’t really humans, but their ancestors were already “thriving”, so these entities started to train/help them.
In short few hundred thousand years, the humans became impossible to be stopped, sadly, these entities vanished completely, the moment the first 3 civilizations appeared and stood stable for more than 3 decades.
But oh, how I lament that I haven’t had the guts to approach them.
Reading the books from libraries and watching some shows, I really think they would’ve been able to see me.
Especially that cheerful monkey from the east, he roamed everywhere, even brought monsters from the moon here, to feed the people and change their builds.
That’s why there was a sudden shift in body structure of humans.
But alas, nothing good last forever…well, at least me being immortal does seem to last forever, and since seeing how fragile living and inanimate things are…I am glad, I guess? Well, now my routine is pretty basic.
Travel the world, especially heavily dangerous zones.
While I am invisible, I can interact with nature (I can’t interact with humans or animals, but animals do seem to sense me).
Interacting with nature means in my case that I can affect weather a bit.
Big rain? I can make it stop.
Drought? I can make it rain.
Volcano eruption? I can make it end faster.
But as I said, I ain’t everywhere and nowhere like some overpowered beings in novels, so I can’t help every region.
Besides roaming, I also tend to enter people’s houses (I know, it’s illegal, but since I don’t really affect them, and they can’t see me, it’s not that bad), and I tend to watch whatever they are watching.
And now, I just entered a random house, when the girl living here just exited the shower.
Sizing her up, I wondered if I look better or worse than her, but then something unbelievable happened.
She threw a bottle at me and screamed.
“Who the hell are you?!
How did you get into my house?!”
She exclaimed.
I froze a bit, while the bottle phased through me.
“You can see me?…”
I murmured.
My long life seems to get more and more interesting, as I get older and older.
Always here, but nobody saw me…at least not until now…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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