Knowledge always finds its use

Here I was, “torturing” my friends.
I signed us up for a virtual tour of the mythological lands of old.
Right now, we are in 2593.
Let’s say that stories are stories, regardless of how much impact they had on civilizations, culture or people.
Quite sad, I know.
And I was one of the few who really loved, even obsessed over these myths, and legends.
After all why wouldn’t I?
Yeah , yeah the spaceships we have are cool.
And we do have interactions with true aliens, and other planets and galaxies.
But reading about entities being able to walk in space, and travel faster than light with their bodies only, is amazing.
Let’s not talk about abilities, appearances or feats like creating entire worlds and universes.
But back to the virtual tour.
It was…lame.
The virtual reality was indeed…real.
Science is the first and foremost focus of our civilization.
The stories were…lame.
We saw Mount Olympus and the main gods, some exerted their powers but that was it..
No complexity, no beauty in it…
Regardless if the A.I. was smarter than us, or that they talked with us like real people…
Actually that was the problem…
They talked with us like people from our age…not like gods…
Then we went on to enter Valhalla, which again was too tame.
Great warriors randomly fighting, drinking and boasting…
Nothing unexpected…
We saw the Great Spirit of the Prairies, Pan Gu the creator of the universe, Amaterasu-OmiKami the Sun Goddess and many more…
But it was all for nothing.
My friends actually enjoyed it, so it was worth the money but still…
For me, my imagination did a better job…
Maybe next time I will pay for them to create the virtual reality after my thoughts…
As we walked out of the virtual reality center, I sighed.
I wanted to impress my friends, which I did…
But I bored myself to death…
Is this the equivalent exchange, an old story talked about?
Just as I was thinking as such, the sky brightened.
“Did someone open a wormhole over the city?
But that’s illegal…”
One of my friends murmured.
But I…
I smiled, and prayed…
“Please…let it be true.”
I murmured.
And true it was.
“The Gods are back…rejoice.”
A voice boomed in the sky, as the bright light receded, and now the sky flickered with multiple multicolored spots.
One looked like a huge mausoleum, one looked like a mountain, another looked like a giant axe and a few more…
“Finally, my years of reading will be put to use.”
I murmured as I started to laugh.
My friends thought I went crazy, but I knew better.
It seemed that the saying was true.
Knowledge is always useful, and now, I will put to use the knowledge that everybody deemed useless…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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