Unexpected marriage

I was tending to the animals, when I heard horses galloping nearby.
It was getting louder and louder.
My heartbeat was out of control and I started to sweat…
As a villager woman…knights, court wizards or nobles….aren’t a welcomed sight…
Sadly, luck wasn’t on my side.
They stopped on our farm.
My parents were shivering in their present.
Not blaming them.
10 knights, 2 court wizards and one advisor came…
Something was very wrong…
“Alice of the 34th farm, you have a summons from His Majesty.”
The advisor said, looking at me.
I was appalled.
“M-m-my lord, I don’t deserve such … such an honour…”
I tried to lie my way out.
But I couldn’t.
A knight yanked me up and threw me sideways on his horse.
“Farewell, good men and women of the king.”
The advisor said to my parents, siblings and the other villagers that came to check what was happening.
I was taken to the castle, where I was taken to the throne room.
There, the knight threw me to the ground, at the feet of the throne…upon which the king sat.
I didn’t dare to look up…at first.
But curiosity took over me and stole a glance….and I froze.
It was the young man, I helped in the town to find Old Fredrick as he was looking for herbs…
It was the young man, who just followed me around without saying a word…
It was the young man, who after watching me all day, shopping, cooking, taking care of the animals, of the vegetable farms….just disappeared…
First I thought it was a shame, since he was quite good looking, but now…it spells a disaster…
The king said nothing, but twitched a bit.
In that moment, the knight who threw me to the ground…exploded.
I was showered in blood, flesh, skin and bone pieces…
Some of them even cut deep into me.
“I forgot how fragile humans are…”
The king murmured.
At this, I almost broke down, but a court wizard quickly gestured to the maids, and I was taken away.
“Make her presentable for the dinner.”
He said.
I was taken to a big room, which had its own bath!
It was quite grandiose for my taste, but it looked beautiful.
On the other hand, the maids were rough.
They were all, young beautiful women, so I think they might’ve been jealous of me?
How I wanted to tell them that I just wanted to go back to the farm…
But whenever I tried to talk, they just scrubbed harder, so I gave up.
So, I sat like a doll.
Being washed, dressed, I had my hair done, my first time of makeup being applied…
Looking into the mirror…I didn’t look too different.
This wasn’t a fairy tale.
I still had my freckled, slightly tanned skin, with green eyes.
My hair was still fiery red, albeit, now it was brighter since it was clean.
My body curves looked the same, maybe a bit more accentuated, as the dress they gave me was a perfect fit for me, not like the previous hand-me down dress I wore from mother.
The makeup was light, so it didn’t change much.
But I had the urge to cry…
I don’t know if it was because this was the first time in months I had a proper bath, and someone took care of me instead of me taking care of others…
Or because I knew that my fate will be death or worse…
I was “escorted” to the dining hall.
There, the king was already seated at the main seat, while I was shown to the seat next to him.
He was a tall, young man with pitch black hair, sandy dark skin and golden eyes.
Weird…when I saw him outside at the farm, his eyes were blue…
“Those were my human eyes, these are my true ones.”
He suddenly said.
“Y-y-you can read minds?!”
I gasped.
A maid behind me raised her hand to hit me, but she was stared at by the king and she excused herself.
“All the maids, are of my family’s upbringing.
I can’t kill them like I did with the knight.”
The king said, just as I pondered whether she will die as well.
I sighed.
This will be a tiring evening.
As this thought went through my brain, the king chuckled, and gestured to the maids to serve the food.
The dinner was a … feast.
So much meat and vegetables and fruits…
I ate, and ate, while the king was just watching me.
After a while, I realized where I was and blushed.
“S-s-sorry…it’s just…”
I stuttered.
“You never ate such things.
Hmm, I shall work on raising the quality of the peasants life.
Lest I have to deal with a rebellion soon.”
The king suddenly said.
I shivered.
“We…we wouldn’t dare!”
I said.
“You wouldn’t. Maybe the next generation neither, but after that?
Fear until a certain point is acceptable, but once something is bent until it breaks…
You can’t anticipate the outcome.”
The king said.
I nodded.
“For a peasant girl…
You are fairly knowledgeable.”
The king remarked.
I’ve read a lot of books at Old Fredrick’s place…”
I said.
“Ah, the hermit alchemist.
Yes, he said you are quite talented in herbology and beastology.”
The king smiled.
I felt my cheeks burning, but I don’t know why.
Then, I suddenly realized what situation I am in, and paled.
Foolish girl, if I wanted you just like that, I wouldn’t need to bother so much.”
The king laughed.
The maids gasped and looked at the king in wonder.
“W-w-what are you talking about?”
I tried to regain my confident.
The king smiled mischievously, and snapped his fingers.
Two maids grabbed me, and a third one undressed me in a smooth motion.
There I was, completely naked, in front of the king and dozen maides…
I tried to cover myself, but couldn’t so I sighed, and sat down and continued eating.
“This is your true self.
This, “I don’t care, I miss my plants” thought is your true side.”
The king said, getting closer to me.
He sized me up and nodded.
“You will marry me.
In roughly a month.
Get ready.”
He said.
I froze, while one of the maids even shrieked a bit, getting a stern look from the king.
Why me?
You could have any and all women in these lands, and most likely from our neighbors as well…
Why choose me…I just want to take care of flowers, vegetables and the occasional bear cub…”
I said, slumping down on the chair.
He walked to me, and pulled me to my feet easily.
Raising my chin, he looked down into my eyes.
He was much taller than me.
“I want you…
As a partner in crime, not as a toy.
Had enough of those, they are boring.
I’ve spent a day with you, and I know we are more alike than you think.”
The king said.
I asked.
“I am not a monster…
I am but a dragon.”
He said, sealing my lips with his.
He said as he turned away.
“You have a month to prepare.”
He said, as he exited the dining hall.
I had to walk to “my” rooms naked.
But nobody dared to stare at me, I guess being engaged to the king has its perks.
Arriving at my room, I put a strangely transparent but warm nightgown on and let myself collapse onto the bed…
“What will become of this..”
I murmured falling asleep.
My life became chaos itself…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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