Pretend that you don’t see them

I was walking with my girlfriend when she stopped, froze, paled and started to shiver.
I looked ahead, and sighed.
“What did you see?”
I asked her.
She stuttered.
“You saw nothing, that’s it, no more late night gaming for you.
Come on, there’s a stream starting soon.”
I said, as I took her hand and hurried along.
We passed the wriggling mass of tentacles that was stitched upon a ball of twitching flesh, completely ignoring it.
We passed a few more things like that, and I had to kiss her a few times, lest she screams.
Arriving home, she collapsed to the ground powerlessly.
I kissed her forehead, and carried her to the living room, where I put her on the couch, and covered her in a blanket.
I cooked a warm meal and made some tea for her, while she shivered under the blanket.
As I walked up to her, she looked at me full of hope.
“I…I imagined that…right? Right?”
She asked.
“Eat, drink and we talk a bit later.”
I said, caressing her face.
She nodded cutely, and listened to me.
After she finished, she looked hopefully towards me.
“No, my little cupcake. You saw that right.”
I said, sighing.
She paled, and hid under the blanket, starting to cry.
I sat next to her, and started patting her through the blanket, I think I patted her head.
She cried for a good hour, before stopping.
“W-w-what were they?”
She asked.
“Dunno, I call them Remnants, as they look like failed experiments of a psycho.”
I said, shrugging.
“Y-y-yo-you are awfully calm about this…
How…How long have you known about them?”
She asked.
“Since a child.
At first it was just me who could see them, at least in the vicinity.
But recently more and more people can see them.”
I said.
“A child…
Must have been terrifying…”
She said.
“Nah, you get used to it.
There is only one rule when it comes to them.”
I said.
She asked.
“Pretend you don’t see them.”
I said.
And as I said that, a snake-like shadowy figure the size of a coach went through the walls of our house.
My girlfriend just stared, and gulped.
“What…would happen…if…”
She tried to say.
“Saw an old man sigh and push a behemoth of flesh, eyes and mouths from the entry of a kindergarten.
He was eaten…
And then a new mouth and two eyes appeared on the creature.”
I said, shivering a bit.
My girlfriend almost started to cry again, before laughing, looking at me.
“Let’s watch the stream honey.”
She said.
As I sat down next to her, right behind where I stood was a shadowy figure, with wriggling limbs.
I chuckled, and cuddled with my girlfriend.
Hereon, our lives would be much more interesting…
After all…more and more people are seeing them…
It’s just a time…
Before they start to realize it…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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