Righteous Villain

The Demon King of this generation is the strongest in millions of years.
After only 4 thousand years,  he finally succeeded in truly uniting the demon world, and making an united stand against the humans and other races who despised the demons.
The demon world is filled with toxic miasma, broken world fragments and spatial rifts, making it the harshest environment one could find.
The demons wanted to migrate, nothing more and the world they’ve chosen had plenty of uninhabited regions to populate.
Yet, they were denied talks and negotiations, depicted as ravaging barbarians and invaders, and killed on sight.
The current Demon King managed to change that.
With the unification of all the tribes, their battle strength skyrocketed, and it was easier to enter the other world.
There, they managed to occupy an uninhabited desert region, and established their own kingdom there.
It was hot, dry and sandy with heavy sandstorms…but it was a paradise compared to the demon world.
Plenty heroes were sent to defeat the Demon King, but none succeeded.
It actually bothered the Demon King.
“Why are they so weak?…”
He wondered, as he just swatted the hero away.
As he looked at the hero, he realized something.
She was young…too young.
He healed her.
“Are you willing to talk, or you will continue to just ignore what I say and attack me?”
He asked.
“Speak, foul demon, but don’t believe I will believe a word you say!!”
She said.
“How old are you, rude brat?”
The Demon King asked.
“15, you perv!”
The hero shouted, trying to back away.
The Demon King froze.
“You are but a kid!
What the hell are you doing in a battlefield?
What the hell are my generals doing?! Losing to a kid!”
He shouted.
His anger was so great, that he forgot to control himself.
His palace cracked, and the young hero was sent flying by the shockwaves.
He hurriedly stopped, and healed her again.
“Sorry, child…
I have a soft spot for kids…
This hero job isn’t for someone that young…”
The Demon King said.
The young hero was angered.
“You are a hypocrite!
You send hordes of demons on innocent civilians and you think I would believe you care about our age?!”
She shouted.
“First of all, all the demons have to be at least 100 years to participate in battles.
We become adults at 75, just saying.
Secondly, we aren’t attacking innocent civilians, we haven’t even attacked populated areas, we conquered wildernesses and so called “prohibited” areas of your lands.
It was all of you who sent armies to “purge” us.”
The Demon King said, patiently.
Apparently, he truly has a soft spot for kids, as his attitude with the hero completely changed.
The hero went into a whole monologue about stereotypes of the demon kind, and the Demon King just sighed.
“She’s completely brainwashed…”
He murmured, so he simply put her on his wide shoulder, and took her sightseeing.
The environment the demon kind lived in, was harsh for the other races, but they flourished.
Fire attributed demons such as succubi, djinns, 9-tailed foxes and many more lived happily in the desert, while mostly travelling around trading with other tribes.
The stormy ocean was now inhabited by leviathans, mermaids and other demon kind, who harvesting the rich resources of the depths, traded with the land dwellers.
The beast infested forests were now tamed under the leadership of sky-swallowing wolves or earth-shattering bear demons.
But that wasn’t important…
The hero knew how adaptable and tough the demons were, she saw it on the battlefields she fought on…
But seeing them living normally…
Children playing around…
Elders teaching the young ones different skills…
People laughing, eating, drinking together…
It was exactly the same as her village looked like…
“But your kind pillaged and destroyed my village!
I know that for certain!”
She shouted suddenly.
The Demon King sighed.
“Enough money can move even mountains…
We are united, but not seamlessly…”
The Demon King said.
The hero wanted to retort but couldn’t.
Soon, the Demon King started to fly high.
“Where are you taking me?”
The hero asked.
“I have a thing or two to say to the entities that choose you heroes…”

The Demon King said, fighting intent evident in his eyes.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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