The Farmer

Farming, such a noble endeavor.
Taking care of the very earth we walk on, and in return one can get bountiful harvests, food and shelter.
Farming, such a tiring endeavor.
One needs to understand the land, the sky, the weather, the animals and the plants as well.
And most importantly, one needs to understand oneself, lest they overwork or laze around.
But sadly, most people forget that there are more than one talent, or there is more to people, than to be flashy, or extremely famous.
This is true especially in developed realms, where one might go from a mortal to a god, there, being a farmer is often seen as nothingness, a mortal endeavour with no evident reward.
How pitiful, they mock the farmer, but worship and bootlick the alchemist, the beast tamer or the blacksmith…
And yet, today’s story is about a simple farmer, whom taught a lesson to multiple individuals.
The great worlds of the realms with gods, immortals, devils and all manners of unbelievable entities are blessed with riches beyond measure.
Such are their lands, weather and products as well, blessed with quality beyond any imagination.
And yet, on such lands, but a few immortals, gods and higher beings worked the land, took care of nature…
Even them, were of innate affinity towards them, like elves, druids, sprites or elementals.
The rest of those that were taking care of the very land they lived on were but simple mortals…
Or so people often thought.
There was one exception, that became an extremely well known legend.
The Farmer, she called herself, not giving any other name when asked to.
This is how her story began.
In the lands of a falling Empire, there was a long stretch of fertile land, that was recently purchased.
It was surrounded by a simple wooden fence, and a house could be seen being built on it.
The stretch of land contained fertile land that could be used for diverse crops, but also contained 2 lakes, a forest and a small hill.
As mentioned, it was a long stretch of fertile land.
Right now the owner had as neighbors, a mountain dog that looked more like a bear than a dog.
A cat, that oddly enough was using the dog as a mount.
A few chickens, and a rooster that was able to lord over all the animals the owner had.
And most importantly, a raven that slept with the owner in the same room without roof yet.
These were her most immediate neighbors and animals she owned, but countless other lived on her land, ready to be, befriended or forced to behave.
She was working the land with her hands, was cutting the wood with a simple make-shift axe, she was building her own house, the chicken coop, the dog house and a special warehouse for the future crops.
She intended to build herself a bathhouse as well, after all, there was hot water deep in the ground, under her land.
The seeds she had to plant were quite special, but she didn’t know or simply didn’t care.
The land under her care began to become more and more bountiful, richer and richer, healthier and healthier.
Soon, some neighbors she had yet to meet, but sensed the presence of started to wander closer and closer to her crops, to her house.
Foxes, eagles, martens, wild boars and a few badgers wandered too close to the lands she worked hard to till, to prepare.
Sadly for them, she had a good friend that was always paying attention.
The rooster struck, before the cat or the dog could react.
Of course, the cat always said she knew of the incoming aggressors, but she was too lazy to bother with the weaklings.
The rooster fought off all of them, all but the badgers, that even beaten, bleeding were hell-bent in seeing the new owner of the land.
The Farmer saw the newcomers, and laughed.
She patted them, and gave them a bath, and all their wounds healed.
After that day, the land had 4 new guards, 4 never-giving-up patrollers, and nobody with ill-will could by-pass them.
She worked, day-by-day to better the land she owned now.
She worked together with the creatures that lived there, and those that she owned.
She took care of the forest, taking down the oldest, tallest trees, to help new life to be bred.
She made houses for the bees in jade nests, for their honey to be forever fresh, and their quality to be enhanced.
She made deals with the wild boars, owls, mice, rats, martens, bears, wolves and the many creatures that lived there.
Life should go on, but they should have everything in measure.
Hunt when hungry, do not hunt just for the sake of hunting.
And if they are truly uncertain what to do, they should go to her.
Day after day, she interacted with everything.
The land, the creatures, the plants, the water, the weather and even with the sky.
The cat complained a lot when the Farmer slept under the starry sky, but the badgers, the dog and the rooster loved it, as they could sleep with her.
The raven always was there, but she rarely spoke.
She just helped the Farmer with bookkeeping and information gathering, but that…that was a secret from others.
Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and soon a year passed.
A year after she arrived, the land was barely recognizable.
The makeshift wooden fence was now a solid, stone and sturdy glass wall, tall as moose and thick as the skulls of the badgers that joined.
The animals started to awaken, more and more starting to learn the languages of the realm.
For others, they would’ve been labeled as demonic beasts, for the Farmer, they were friends to talk with.
The harvest she had was bountiful beyond measure, and she went to trade with the neighboring villages.
Her fame was widespread already.
Everybody knew the dangers of that forest, yet someone actually managed to tame that land, and also work it.
Not to mention the tremendous wall that rose in barely a year.
They knew she wasn’t someone simple, but she behaved normally with them.
She played with the kids in the mud, gossiped with the elders and worked and fought with the adults.
She was often teased in the matters of love by the villagers, but she always laughed it off.
The adults and elders knew she was most likely some kind of great being, tired of the everchanging struggles of her life, and come here to live like a mortal.
But as long as she was behaving as she did, they would forget about that fact.
Soon a year turned in 2, 2 turned into 3 and 3 turned into many.
Her products became the hottest deal in the villages nearby and even spread to towns and cities alike.
Sadly, not everyone was like the villagers, without a strong greed or envy.
They also, of course envied her, and wanted some of what she had.
But that was human nature, they knew it was wrong, but they couldn’t help such thoughts from sprouting.
But others weren’t that wise.
Nobles, bandits, thieves and even cultivators tried to force her to sell her lands, to sell herself, to leave…but the biggest mistake was to try to steal or force her to sell her friends…
The lands were quiet on the day a prideful cultivator and his friends tried to take what wasn’t theirs…
The raven ate their eyes, the rooster took their tongues, the cat ate their hearts, while the dog munched on their liver.
The badgers ate what remained, and whatever they didn’t fancy, was left for the ground itself.
The Farmer didn’t move against them, she didn’t have to.
She watched sadly, and prayed…
Prayed that none of her friends gets hurt…
But the society of cultivators wasn’t one to accept such happenings…
They amassed small armies to go against the Farmer…
But they couldn’t even get pass by the wall.
The walls were built on the great land beneath them and were in connection.
The land was respected and that respect was given back.
Trying to move the walls was equivalent to trying to move the land itself…
And if enough time passes…it might be equivalent to the moving of the world itself…
They shouted and tried to burn the crops from afar, or from the skies, but they simply couldn’t.
Mere fire couldn’t set ablaze the crops that were cared for in the way she cared for them.
They were baffled and confused.
They understood…they weren’t dealing with someone normal…so they tried to talk.
When asked, all she said: “I am a farmer, nothing more. If you want to buy crops, I shall sell.
You want eggs? Chicken? Pigs? Cattle? I shall sell or raise them for you, but only those who aren’t awakened.
If you want more? Go look somewhere else.”
They acknowledged what she said, and did so.
After all, her products were more than mere mortal ones…
They were even better than some mid-ranking immortal herbs…
Years passed, and the villages changed.
Some became towns, cities, even capitals, while some disappeared completely on the long road that was life.
But the Farmer was still there.
She was still doing everything by her own hands.
Even though the number of awakened animals was larger than some Beast Empires’…
Ages went and passed, yet her land became more and more bountiful…
Cataclysms began, ended or stayed, nothing affected her lands.
The ground was healthy, the trees happy, the lake crystal clear and the animals brighter than the morning sun.
A saying started to go around the realm.
Even if the world breaks, her lands will stay strong.
Many tried to fool her or to make a move on her.
Immortals, Gods and other entities of unknown background and heritage heard of her and tried to mess with her…
None succeeded…
Thus her legends came to life…
The farmer who has nothing in her eyes, but her lands and those who walk on her lands…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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