Story time in Valhalla

Valhalla, the resting place of the greatest warriors of them all.
The misconception of it being a place only the Nordic pantheon can reach is common.
But in its true purpose, Valhalla is a place for warriors, that simple.
You could be from whatever realm, region or faith, if you are a warrior, you are given the choice to join Valhalla.
Is it mandatory?
Does it come with some shackles?
Yes, it does.
Valhalla is the greatest place for warriors, as it’s able to make one’s soul truly immortal, thus warriors can duel to death constantly, while not being afraid of staying “dead”.
Add to that good food, a spiritual body that can actually feel the same things as the corporeal body, and a way to countless battlefields…
It’s normal that it’s not exactly for free.
Odin, Freya and Frigg created Valhalla, and when needed, warriors of Valhalla are expected to help them.
But today, we explore another of this paradise’s amazing feature.
It’s its stories.
Imagine the stories all those individuals carry, all those braves, warriors, heroes, assassins, kings, queens, and all sorts of fighters.
Anyone who lived a life of struggle, and battle against anything, to be fair, is there, and their stories…
Their stories are those that might surprise you the most.
After each day of fighting, sparring and warring, the warriors gather in the great hall for a scrumptious feast.
After the feast is over, nobody leaves.
Odin, Thor and Tyr always participate in each feast, and they wait patiently afterwards for a warrior to start their story.
Then, one of them started.
“I used to be a fisherman.
I had a lovely lady, and 3 cubs of ours.
Life was amazing! My lady was fiery and had a body one could just marvel at.
And my cubs were just like us!
Stubborn and foolish…”
He started to retell his life.
Everybody laughed, and cheered, and sighed when it came to it.
After that, another warrior described her life as a housewife, who raised ten kids, and sadly due to wars lost her husband.
But she had enjoyed it overall, even after she became a warrior to protect her village.
After her, a patient told her story, on how she fought against a disease and won, again and again, and even succeeded in having a life of her own…sadly, time can’t be fought off…
And many more stories like these, were told each night.
None of the stories were about bloodbaths, or glorious battles.
Most of them were about daily life, family, love, hate, emotions and other nostalgic elements.
It was normal.
For one, Valhalla was home to the warriors, braves and all those who fought bitterly in their lives.
While they enjoy a good fight, and a good struggle, why would they be constantly talking about it?
And rightly so, after all, the battles and their battle spirit are transmitted through their weapons, through their screams, shouts, through the wounds, bruises and dripping blood.
Why would they tell it any other way?
After all, warriors are hotheaded, and emotive individuals.
You won’t hear anyone complain about a missing limb, or about how they won or lost a fight.
But you can hear tales of great loves, a lot of stories about “the one who escaped”, and many more about family, and miscellaneous knowledge.
As I told you, stories you wouldn’t expect to hear.
After all, just because they are in Valhalla, and because they love fighting, they should be talking about it 24/7?

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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