Awoken once again

With a great effort, I’ve opened my eyes.
As soon I did that, I took a deep breath.
My sunken abdomen started to fill with air, and my skin started to de-wrinkle.
My tens of meters long beard and hair started to grow shorter, while by body started to revitalize.
I slowly stood up.
My entire body creaked, like hundreds of dry branches being stepped on.
My heart started to beat once more with enough power to be heard in this cave I was in.
I balled my hand into a fist, and slowly felt the power that was returning to me.
I looked at the corner of the cave.
There, two pieces of rocks started to crack, revealing the shining brightness underneath.
“The Spear of Truth and the Void Armor…”
I murmured, as I watched the two items float from the pieces of rock towards me.
Soon, I was wearing the armor that looked just like a black, 3 piece suit.
And while gripping the spear, I finally felt…complete.
“So…I am sadly needed again…”
I said, as the cave’s wall collapsed, and light started to shine in.
Walking outside, it was hard to see, after all my eyes were used to the darkness…well, actually, they were used to nothing.
Sure enough, I could hear shouting, and then people started to hurry towards my location.
I couldn’t understand the language yet, but I was learning it on the go.
Soon, a few dozen knights, mages, priests and a saintess stood in front of me.
While they were talking amongst themselves, I learnt this era’s language.
“So, you’ve came looking for me?”
I asked.
“Yes, Lord Hero, the prophecy foretol…”
The Saintess started to talk.
“Those idiot kings and emperors and whatnot messed with the other races, and now humanity is on the brink of collapse once more, right?”
I said, interrupting her.
Gasps could be heard, just as I expected.
The priests look quite angry, how laughable.
“Look, younglings.
The Church of Truth, wasn’t even around when I was randomly sent here to help this world.
I’ve faced calamities more times than you’ve blinked.
And of all those shitty experiences, I can count on my hand the ones that were truly external dangers, and not caused by negligence, greed or cockiness.”
I said, sighing.
The priests and knights started to shout, but the Saintess quickly quelled their anger.
“Lord  Hero, we are indeed in a dangerous situation.
But this time, you are wrong.”
She said, smiling slightly.
I raised an eyebrow.
“In this era, we cohabit with the other races.
Even the Church of Truth core canon, changed to praise all living forms, as long they live a life of kindness and righteousness.
But now, outer Gods appeared, and the Gods the kingdoms, Empires, tribes, cults, churches and sects worshipped, all fell silent…”
The Saintess said, with bitterness and despair.
At this, my slight smile disappeared.
I enjoyed coming out from hibernation but this…
“How many years since my last recorded appearance? Who was the leader figure of the era I was last seen? And most importantly, the outer Gods spread their faith or have they already had some of their avatars sent here?”
I asked.
The knights and priests buckled under the pressure of my presence.
I quickly reined in it, I shouldn’t have let go of my emotions like that.
“Sorry, but those idiots are an enemy that few can understand.
They want these lands and nothing more.
No slaves, no food seen in the inhabitants of these lands, so they will massacre anything that’s moving, and bring in species from their realm.
So…Answer my questions fast.”
I said.
“You’ve been last seen fighting the 12 Zodiac Demon Kings, roughly 12202 years ago, according to our documents.
The leader of that era was Emperor Ashfellen, whom united the entire world, and he was who introduced the cohabitation of all the races.
The outer Gods…there are 5 cults established already…10 avatars…and it’s said that a true body might be summoned in a decades time.”
The Saintess said.
I slammed my spear into the ground.
The ground split, and the mountain behind us, was divided in half.
“That’s the work of centuries…
What have you all been doing?”
I asked.
“We…we didn’t want to become hostile, since they’ve been rather peaceful in their spread of faith and expansion for decades…”
The Saintess murmured.
“It’s good that you all get along, you are all living beings of the same world, of the same origin…
But for all that’s good…if someone is doing something shady…investigate and punish!”
I said, massaging my temples.
“Yes, Lord Hero!
We shall carve your words into the stele of laws in all the capital cities!”
The crowd answered this time in unison.
I sighed.
Right then, an eerie feeling took over me.
I grinned.
“You were wrong lass.
Seems like an outer God is already here.”
I said.
They all paled.
“A-a-a-are you sure?”
The Saintess stuttered.
It’s a young one, he or she is challenging me.
It’s been a long time since I smashed the heads of their ancestors, seems like they’ve forgotten about me.”
I said, clicking my tongue.
The Saintess looked weirdly at me.
“Prepare for the worst case scenario, prepare for the end of the world.
Gather the strongest, while the average and those below should evacuate and protect the citizen from random wandering creatures.”
I said, as I picked up my spear.
“And…and what about you? Lord Hero?”
She asked.
“I am going to kill them all, then go back to sleep…”
I said, smiling and sighing at the same time.
Before they could ask me what I meant.
I threw my spear in the direction of the gaze I felt, and jumped on it mid-air.
“Good luck, we shall meet on the main battlefield if you are unlucky!”
I shouted, as I flew faster than thought.
My era of battles begins once more.
Awoken once again, to battle for the survival of everything…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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