Helping the gods

The Gods you’ve read about, aren’t just myths, they are real.
But many things have changed since the eras they’ve reigned in.
The people who worshiped them forgot about the great Deities that were born from matter and thought itself.
Slowly, their powers faded, but not their personas.
This meant that they were immortal, they felt better in their element, but that was it.
No sky shaking, earth shattering deeds could be done by them.
Are they different from humans?
Yes, of course.
They are immortal, and maybe a bit stronger, smarter or having a special ability, but all at parlor tricks level, not “Raise or raze a city in an hour” level.
And without their powers…the realms they’ve called as their homes, faded away, locked forever, and now, the Gods roam the world, without a cause, without a goal.
That’s where Jason my best friend and I come into the play.
We started a business.
Helping Gods find their way in this new life of theirs, and of course, integrate properly into the human society.
How did we find them?
Well, they found us first.
We were in the library, researching mythologies, folklore, fairy tales, rumors, legends and many more for our first business idea.
We wanted to have a café/escape room based on such topics.
Of course, the internet had a ton of information, but we found several older books, that depict certain stories about Nordic, Egyptian, Chinese and Southern African folklore, and mythos that would help us to be a tad bit different, at a private library.
The fee to enter the library was peculiar, two oddballs we were, we quickly hoped for something weird to be afoot.
And indeed it was.
First of all, the library was too big.
Like, Alexandria’s Library time 9000 big.
Which, might’ve been okayish, if the library wasn’t built into a small studio…
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
Back to the fee, it was to write an essay, about society and its views on the changing of times, with the request of being as thorough and going as back as we could.
Well, we’ve done our best, and after 2 hours of grinding, we both wrote satisfactory essay, or at least we thought so.
We gained access to the library, and then to the books.
Miraculously, the books we wanted were already in the reading zone.
The librarians were odd, lest to say.
A tall, sharp but charming woman.
An even taller, friendly man.
A cheerful, young looking man, who was always busying himself with carrying or cleaning some books.
And lastly, the one who gave us the test,  a friendly grandpa looking old man.
While reading the books, I could feel them checking us out.
“They are weird.”
I said.
“They are most likely older gods.
So, this is a first in a long time that anyone actually thanked them for something.”
Jason said, shrugging.
I looked at him, while I saw the young man just stop for a second, before grinning at us and disappearing.
“Gods? Like the ones we are studying?”
I asked.
The ones mostly forgotten, and not worshipped anymore.
Although, pop-culture is recharging them a bit, so they aren’t completely powerless anymore.”
Jason said.
That a big bomb he dropped casually.
Now, I could see all the librarians looking at us.
The tall woman, was massaging her temples.
“How do you know this?”
I asked Jason.
“Oh, I am a demigod.
Would be weird not to know my own auntie, hi auntie Thena!”
Jason said, waving towards the librarian.
I froze a bit, to be fair, it wasn’t that unbelievable.
We always imagined such things, but Jason always knew little details, that I couldn’t remember reading about.
“So, the café/escape room business is done for?”
I asked.
“Yes, but we will do something better.”
Jason said, smiling at me.
I asked.
“A business that will help the gods live a proper human life, and get jobs.
They can’t live forever on the gold and treasures they have, too risky.”
He said.
And that’s how our business started.
The librarians got introduced to me: Athena, Thoth, Quetzalcoatl, and Lao Tzu.
Afterwards, I learnt that this was all a test, since they needed someone with a proper background and talent to help them.
And my parents real estate business is booming, and I am quite good at negotiating, and finding a good investment opportunity.
“Why me, though?
In these millennia, you surely found others as well.”
I asked.
“Yeah, not really.
You still look at me like you want to kill me because I lied to you.
Others would be shaking in their boots after seeing bro Quetza gone with the wind to get tacos.”
Jason said, shrugging.
I sighed.
“Don’t worry, there aren’t man gods who truly want to try integrate with the new world.
Although, we shall try to convince more, so be happy.
After all, you going to get blessings, and old treasures as payment.”
He said laughing.
And our job started slowly.
First, we opened a real estate business, and started selling and renting out here and there to build up a capital and a name.
Afterwards, we dabbled in many areas, before opening up a charity foundation, and only then could we start properly.
From that point on, gods, demigods and even creatures came to us for help.
From classes on common sense, and how to behave normally, to paying tuitions for careers, we have done everything.
My proudest achievement was with Poseidon.
We managed to de-age him a bit with countless fanclubs we’ve created in his name, and en-rolled him into a marine biology class.
The man became a marine biologist, and won a reward or two on his researches.
He’s quite proud, and gave us an undiscovered island as a payment.
Helping the gods isn’t easy, and it fell onto my lap from nowhere…
But to be fair…
It’s like all my childhood dreams came true…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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