Unexpected Second Deal

I have been living a wonderful life.
I managed to save my parents’ business, and also was lucky enough to help my wife with her problems.
My kids got into good schools, and life is on the right track…
For the last 2 decades, I’ve been on the edge…
Carefully walking, talking, eating, breathing…
Checking every corner and checking every possible hiding spot.
I’ve done everything for my family.
I’ve even sold my soul for them…
And it was soon time for the Devil to come looking for the payment of his “blessing”.
Days passed by, and I was getting more and more tired.
My family thought it was just because the restaurant we owned, was doing good, and they weren’t wrong, but that wasn’t all…
And a week later…he…he finally appeared.
It was closing time, and by this part of the day, it was only me and my daughter at the restaurant.
That was when the door opened and he walked in.
He was the same as he was 2 decades ago.
Tall, with slick pitch black hair and spring green eyes.
Wearing an expensive 3 piece suit, with a red tie, he had an “I can do whatever I want” vibe.
My daughter drooled a bit when she saw him, but I quickly sent her home, saying that this was about a serious business.
She pouted, and whined, but in the end, she went home, leaving but the 2 of us in the restaurant.
I served my specials to him, and brought out the good alcohol.
Sitting in silence, as he started to eat, I fidgeted nervously.
“MMmmh, this is delicious!”
He said, exaggerating with the sounds he gave.
“So, how will this go?
Will you just kill me to take my soul or what?”
I asked, getting tired of waiting for the inevitable.
“Ah, don’t be so hasty my friend.
After all, that’s not why whilst it’s also exactly why I came here today.”
The Devil said, chuckling and still enjoying the meal.
I was quite flattered, that he enjoyed it so much.
But the wording he used, made me confused, and..scared.
“What do you want?”
I asked.
“Nothing much, I give back your soul, you do me a favor, easy-peasy.”
He said, waving the fork he was using around.
I raised an eyebrow.
“Nothing much, nothing much really.
You just have to…”
He said, stopping.
The air vibrated.
“You just have to raise my daughter.”
He ended his sentence.
“Your daughter?”
I asked.
“She’s a bundle of joy, barely a few months old.
It will be easy to take care off, after all, you have 6 kids already.”
He said, winking at me.
“Nothing apocalyptic will happen, right?”
I asked.
“Not really, no.
At least, if you raise her well, surely nothing bad will happen.”
He said.
I pondered, but in the end, I decided to accept it.
“Okay, let’s do this.”
I said.
“Great, here is the contract, just burn it or something, your soul will be yours forever.
And here, take her and take care of her.
He said, as he took out a carefully woven basket with a child in it, and a contract, before completely disappearing.
“I think…I might’ve been tricked.”
I said, as I looked at the young child in the basket.
She had eyes of the deepest blue I’ve ever seen…
I sighed, and started to think about a story to tell my family…
This will be interesting…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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