Empty Glory

There are countless songs, ballads, and stories woven with truths and lies about the Empress of Evernight.
But her story is much more valiant and traumatic than they might want to believe.
Her life’s story is sadly, a typical novella hero’s life story.
Her parents died due to a famine, all the food going to her little stomach.
Becoming an orphan, and a girl in a world of kingdoms, empires lead by strength and not ethics and logic, made her a fighter.
She fought for shelter, she fought for food, and she fought for her life, but alas, she was but a child.
She was caught by a local group of thugs.
Sadly, she was too young, fortunately enough, she was too young, thus she was sent to beg and be bait for unassuming victims.
From there on, nobody knows how many people she tricked, fooled and assisted in the unfortunate ending of.
At 12, sadly and happily, as this showed that she had more or less enough food to eat, she started to look like a woman should.
She was quickly sold to an adult entertainment establishment, both sadly and fortunately.
Sadly, for the establishment was backed by a big-shot of the empire she was in, hardly did she have a chance to leave.
Fortunately, for the matron was a powerful expert, and she saw potential in the unyielding, weathered yet optimistic young girl, thus she took her under her wing, training her to be more of an envoy, rather than an employee of the establishment.
She was taught in the ways of nobility, the 4 arts and basic martial arts and soul cultivation techniques.
She was trained to be the bridge between this establishment and many others, alongside with the contact point with several noble families, and merchants.
She learnt how to haggle, how to control her emotions perfectly, how to manipulate through eyelashes batted, and honeyed words.
She raised the establishment that raised her, into one of the most prominent ones.
She had friends both high and low, and with her popularity, she helped the less fortunate ones.
Be it by building orphanages, or cleaning up slums, she tried her best.
But once again, a fortunate and unfortunate thing happened.
At 18, her beauty was renowned, but that was given.
Her food was better, she had an actual bed to sleep in, and she was training already, and that’s what changed everything.
At 18, the matron realized that the little girl now was a woman, not only that, but she perfect and even changed the two cultivation techniques she was given.
She mastered and changed the martial arts technique, making it perfectly suitable for her, and making her become one with her sword.
She mastered and changed the soul technique she was given, now even above average practitioners are mesmerized and entranced with but a single look from her.
She was referred to a sect of soul cultivators that was in connection with the Empire.
She was quickly accepted, and even became the disciple of an Elder there.
Sadly and fortunately, her life became better once more.
She could help more people, but at the same time, there were more difficulties in her life.
She learnt complicated techniques nobody ever mastered or even tried to cultivate.
Both her martial arts and soul cultivation soared, and soon she started her energy cultivation as well.
She completed mission after mission.
With her knowledge of emotions, and human interaction, in barely a decade, she became an envoy in the sect as well.
She was tasked with maintaining the face of the sect in front of the public, and as well maintaining the sect’s relationship with others.
She was training hard as well.
When others were starting their day, she was already training.
When others were done for the day, she was still training.
Learning, asking advices, going on adventures, she did everything she could do gain not just strength, but also a reputation.
She knew that she needed strength, but she also knew the power of fame and reputation.
She was working hard…lest she will be used as a tool once more…
By the time she was 60, she still looked 18, and she was at the top of her sect, at the top of the Empire…
But regardless of her strength, regardless of her countless friends and connections…
People were still suffering.
So fortunately and unfortunately, she took a decision.
She stated her claim for an unconquered land, far outside in the middle of the endless seas.
The land was just as huge, if not even more than the continent she was on…
The land was inhabited by countless beasts, and demonic entities, thus no matter how rich, and how enticing it was…it was yet to be conquered.
She heeded no advice, and went on the journey with only those who voluntarily followed her.
From a small settlement to an Empire stretching half the new continent, it took her barely a century.
She didn’t massacre recklessly.
With her powerful soul, mindless beasts were tamed, demonic entities pacified and made allies, and of course…those who couldn’t be discussed with…were eradicated.
Her Empire was an Empire of people, she accepted refugees and exiles from all over the world, and established a new system.
Martial arts and all techniques of the beginner level were free for all.
Now farmers could finish tilling the land in half a day by themselves.
Now mountain villagers could climb mountains rather easily, and fend off wild life with a relative ease.
Now the average life span went from 60 to 193, and it was still increasing.
She established academies all over the Empire, and even started to teach the beasts and demonic beings as well.
But her moniker came when the demonic gods were enraged, seeing that their followers were converting to become a peaceful race.
They attacked at night, tens of gods and demigods, all with powers to move mountains and dry oceans.
But the night never ended for them.
A song of the Empress made them fall into an eternal slumber.
And people of the Empire were sure that that night, was longer than the others.
Thus she gained the moniker Empress of Evernight, for if she wishes, nobody will see the morning sun.
She was strong, and loved.
People genuinely loved her, and the law enforcement squads had barely a thing to do.
Bandits didn’t exist, and thieves were quickly caught by the citizens themselves.
With chances to become officials in the government of the Empire, or in the army, or simply becoming a scholar or an expert and starting your own sect…
With so many possibilities, less and less people choose the easier way of evil.
The Empress groomed elites, to go and solve problems of higher difficulty.
Natural disasters and foreign dangers were all dealt by the Empire, and the people were safe.
She did everything she could…
But she still felt the same way…
Nothing was important but survival ever since she lost her parents…
Even now, she trains and trains, climbing to higher and higher heights.
But so what?
Countless people worship her, and live a happy life because of her, but…so what?
Countless people fear her, and don’t dare to cross her, but…so what?
Her fame equals that of the Heavens, but…so what?
Her life is empty…and she can’t feel a thing…
What use of glory, when it’s all empty, and one can’t enjoy?

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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