Time has ran out of patience

In our infinite reality, there is no end to miracles.
Even a blade of grass, a rock or a particle of dust, if lucky enough can become sentient, and take its first steps on the road of cultivation, whatever the power system might be.
So why is it that every civilization, except their peak experts forget or think of the greatest entities as myths?
After all, if a blade of grass can become sentient…concepts such as Life, Death, Time and so on should also have embodiments of their essence.
And to be fair, Life, Death, Time, Dream and Love are long time best friends.
They even live in the same little secluded void, where nobody but the strongest could enter, but would they even dare to do so, without the owner’s permission?
Amongst the 5, Time is the quietest, most mature and the calmest.
And yet now, he was throwing a huge tantrum.
“I don’t want to.”
Time said, making a seed bloom into a towering tree.
Life sighed, and turned the tree back to a seed.
Death just chuckled, while Dream yawned.
“Look, if she fancies you, and invited you on a date, just go.
You aren’t life, to be tired of everything, nor Dream who lives in dreams most of the time.
Nobody is more present than you, even if there are places where your powers are restricted.
You should totally go, especially since you fancy her as well!”
Love exclaimed.
“B-b-but she makes me feel…nervous!
I…I don’t like…”
Time stuttered.
“It’s normal!
Go ahead and live a normal life!”
Love said, patting with her dainty but strong hands Time’s back.
Time sighed, but nodded.
It was high-time he found someone.
Life and Death were in and out of relationship, while Dream was actually married to several other dream entities.
And Love…she was married to Eternity, Time’s youngest kid.
Time had children, but by creation and self-actualization, not through the living being way.
And now, Time might experience his first ever true relationship.
His partner?
Queen of the Elves, mischievous and scheming “young” woman.
She led her race to become one of the strongest, and fell in love with Time, when Time visited the very first Tree of Life.
Anyway, due to Time and Life being friends, those with more Life essence, were also getting more time on their hands to live.
So, races like elves, who were abundant in life essence, also were long lived, and were connected to Time in a sense.
And he went to the planet they were supposed to meet at.
It was a wonderful planet, full with amazing sights.
Towering trees like mountains, underground mountains and islands surrounded by waters of myriad colors.
One could spend their entire lives on this planet, completely entranced into the sights.
And Time waited.
One hour, one day, one week, one month, one year…
But the Queen never came…
He wasn’t in a hurry.
One time, he waited for Life and Death to stop fighting for several eons, universes were born and died, but Time just stood still, waiting patiently, thinking about yesteryear and future.
But this time, he couldn’t sit still.
Not even 10 years later, he moved.
He went back home straight to Death and Life.
There, his friends were already gathered…the mood was heavy.
“Dead or alive?”
He asked.
“She’s here.”
Death said, and unveiling a sleeping Queen of the Elves inside a pendant.
“How long until she wakes up?”
Time asked.
“We don’t know, it could be 1000 years, a million years or even more.”
Life said.
“I am patient, but not this time.
Time to make people remember, that I am not just calm, but also heartless.”
Time said, and he sped on.
A second was a year, then a decade, then a century…
Not even a minute later, the Queen of Elves woke up.
She was mesmerized by the little paradise the friends created, and she spent her days together with Time exploring it.
Outside the secluded area, universes turned to dust from a moment to another…
Time went by so quickly, that stars were born, and extinguished at the same time…
Universes died and new ones were born…
That day the universe learnt something…
Time is ever present and yet not appearing…but one should be careful…
Playing with Time equals playing with Life and Death at the same time…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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