Everlasting Winter

I have had a happy, and carefree life.
Being the daughter of the wealthiest, and strongest mountain bandit was quite the jackpot, if you ask me.
I had the classes as the nobles, but without the bothersome responsibilities.
I learnt how to fight and cast spells from proper veterans, and not some scholars.
And the books I had in my possession, were those gathered by multiple noble families.
Did we get them with legal and peaceful methods?
No, of course not.
Was I feeling bad?
Sometimes, I don’t personally like violence, but we need to protect ourselves.
It’s not like we just steal and steal.
We accept refugees, and take care of orphans and exiles.
Nonetheless, we are indeed bandits, so no need to sugarcoat it.
And this time, my parent’s men…did something…that was beyond any limits.
They managed to kidnap a beautiful young woman.
She must’ve been my age.
She had long azure blue hair, and a skin so pale and cold, one might’ve thought she was one foot in the otherworld.
She wore a beautiful white dress, with silver shoes.
She was asleep when they’ve found her in a cave and kidnapped her.
They boasted so much, that the entire settlement was alerted to her presence.
When I went to check her, even I, as a woman was mesmerized by her beauty.
Knowing well what the men and actually even women would do to her, before my parents intervene, I knew what I had to do.
I carried out the young woman through a hidden tunnel, only my parents and I knew about.
We trusted our people, but not with our lives.
So, I carried the young woman away.
I was both a mage and a warrior, so besides the weird fact that my hands were freezing, I carried her faster than a horse could’ve.
We ventured into the frosty mountains north of us.
My gut feeling said that she will recover once in a colder climate.
I was right, as always.
A few hours after being a freezing cold cave, the woman started to wake.
“Are you okay?
If yes, go run away quickly and stay far away from the Borderless Mountains, we might be “righteous” bandits, but we are still bandits.”
I said to the woman.
She blinked her sky blue eyes, and stared at me.
I was captivated for a second.
“Come on, you see that bag?
It has some winter clothes, a lot of food and fire wine, good for your health!
Now run.”
I said, trying to shoo her on her way.
“You saved me.”
She said, her voice bone chilling, but sweet at the same time.
“Yes, yes, you are grateful and all that poetry bullshit.
Now, if you want to thank me, go, I can hear horses already coming our way.
Don’t let them catch you again.”
I said.
She stared at me without blinking, before smiling, nodding, and disappearing in a cold breeze.
I stood there baffled, before swearing.
“She was a goddamn magician?!
She needed no saving!
I missed dinner for …
Never mind, I did a good deed, I am going to “reward” myself with some of dad’s top-quality fire wine.”
I said, starting to walk home.
I never knew how my random act of kindness saved our family.
Not even 2 years later, a terrifying cold hit the continent.
Crops failed, trees and mountains froze into ice blocks.
The wind was so cold that commoners, who haven’t trained a day in their lives were frozen to death in mere seconds.
Buildings without runes collapsed in days, while even the ground was frozen deep, only starting to get normal at 60 m underground.
We learnt who was the culprit.
The Ice Queen, a fairy elemental of the ice attribute, who rose to power after awakening from her millennia old slumber.
But there was something wrong.
Our Borderless Mountain was exempted from the cold.
Everything was normal.
This made our land a place of salvation.
Both peaceful, fearful and violent individuals tried to seek shelter here.
But no violence occurred.
After all, my father and mother were peak experts.
But then, something even weirder happened.
The sun shone only on us, and when summer should’ve happened, it actually came.
On that day, I was basking in the sun, when a fairy appeared in front of me.
Everyone froze in terror.
We were really afraid of what will happen.
But what happened left us speechless.
The fairy bow in front of me, and smiled.
Giving me an Ice Rose, he spoke.
“The Queen sends her regards, the Rose will never melt, and your lands will never freeze.”
He said, and disappeared.
I knew.
I knew what and who he was talking about.
I knew who the Ice Queen was…
I smiled…
Afterwards, I taught, through any methods possibly our men and women the precious lesson of kindness…
After all, you never know what god or goddess you might save…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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