A fateful pairing

Standing in front of the house, I smiled.
It felt wonderful, it was time to properly settle the deal, and slowly move in.
My wife and I stood there lovingly gazing at the house, while the realtor was shaking in her boots.
It’s not like we didn’t know why.
It was hard not to notice the crosses in the neighbors courtyard…or the Buddha statues in the others…
Nor was it hard to notice that our agent wore more crosses and prayer beads than a Church fair.
Oh, and also, the house being 2 story high, with huge rooms, a huge courtyard, in a good neighborhood, yet it cost us like 10% of the price of such a house.
But we didn’t care.
My wife had a restaurant just 2 blocks from this neighborhood.
I was working at an IT company that was also barely 4 blocks away, but anyway, I worked from home most of the time.
It was perfect for us.
Moving in was a piece of cake.
We didn’t have much, but we planned to buy a lot of furniture, and little gadgets..
After all, we saved a lot on the house itself.
By the way, I’ve never seen anyone running so fast, like the agent after she gave us the keys, and the last of the papers.
Continuing with the moving in, it was quite…uneventful.
The first weeks it was alright, we were redecorating, bringing in new furniture, new electronics, gadgets and so on.
We did some restructuring as well, some windows, doors needed to be changed, the painting needed to be re-done.
The porch needed some changing as well, and of course, the garden needed new flowers, and some decorations.
But overall, it was amazing.
It took us roughly 3-4 months until everything was done, with help from both professionals and relatives alike.
And nothing happened, in these months.
We’ve found in the attic, a collection of a few dozen antic porcelain dolls, which we left untouched, but we did clean them a bit.
We…especially me, we really have a soft spot for dolls.
And after everything was done, we started our lives in our new home.
The peace in our new home lasted but for a week, before the odd occurrences we were warned against started to happen.
Cabinets started to open on their own, and steps could be heard from the attic.
My wife swore that she heard giggles and cries of a little child, while I saw the figure of a young girl running across the hallway.
We just smiled and shrugged.
As long as it’s not violent, we weren’t the ones to care about such things.
Months passed, and something wonderful happen.
My wife was pregnant, we were expecting!
That was the day, I decided to clean up the attic, and transform it into a playroom.
Looking at the porcelain dolls, I sighed, and took out an old box.
It belonged to my grandpa…he was a doll-maker.
He taught me a lot, but I wasn’t keen into entering a dying profession…thus I’ve gone to study programming…
When grandpa left this world for a better one, he left everything to me…
I felt…not worthy…
But now, I could maybe ease this feeling a bit.
I started cleaning more thoroughly the dolls, and even repairing some of them.
I went to buy new clothes, new hair for some or even eyes.
It was a long week before I finished repairing them all.
My wife brought me lunch into the attic that day.
“Relax a bit, there is still time, until the little one comes.”
She said, sitting down next to me.
“Maybe it will be “little ones”.”
I said, chuckling.
At that moment, a giggling voice could be heard, and the attic was filled with light.
The moment the light disappeared, I looked towards my wife.
She was staring at the dolls.
Now, there was an extra doll, the size of a 8-9 year old girl, looking very life-like.
She had a beaming smile on her face.
The entire house felt happier, and even we felt better.
“My neck, and wrist stopped hurting…”
I murmured.
“My nausea disappeared…”
My wife said as well…
“Did we just satisfy a hidden condition?”
I asked.
My wife nodded.
After that day, nothing weird ever happened, but we were…luckier.
I got a promotion, my wife won an auction for an amazing place for her 2nd restaurant.
The doctor told us we were expecting twins, both healthy.
It was a chain of events of good nature…
We decided to maintain those dolls properly, and even started to buy other older dolls to repair…
We weren’t superstitious…but what works…works…
It was fate who brought us here…
Maybe even grandpa had a hand in this…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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