Unbelievable shamelessness

My job is nothing fanciful.
I work at a special cleaning company, that let’s say it does and does not exist.
Each of us cleaners, are assigned to a client.
My client of 10 years was a messy assassin.
Damn, does he or she not know how hard it is to clean blood?
And to be damned, his or her targets have to be always at the top of skyscrapers or fancy hotels/restaurants.
It is unbelievably hard to clean it properly, and without being seen and without leaving behind a thing.
I was always dissatisfied with them, but I couldn’t complain, as while they are aware of my identity (big no-no, but what can I do? The pay is amazing), I don’t know who they are…
Well, let me rectify.
I didn’t know who they…who she was…
My boss’s who’s also my cousin, laugh still resounds in my mind, when she saw my face in the moment I learnt who my client was…
It was my wife!
Oh-hoho, and now, she will get a piece or two from me.
Right now, I am waiting in our dining-room, which is sparkling clean.
I have already made a scrumptious dinner, and now we need the main actress.
Soon enough, she came home.
Walking in, in her fancy suit, she came up to me to give me a kiss.
I give her the cold shoulder.
She smiled wryly, and went to change and wash her hands.
She dressed up fancily, with the dress I bought her, that was my favorite.
She also had lipstick, and a nice hairpin.
I snorted a bit, femme fatale tactics, won’t work this time…probably…
Sitting down at the table, I served her the dinner and waited.
She didn’t touch the food, but looked at me awkwardly.
“So you know…”
She said, after a while.
I nodded.
“I am sorry for lying for so long to you…
But I did it to protect you…
Being an assassin isn’t …”
She started her excuse, but I was having none of that.
“I don’t care about you being an assassin.
But to think, that after all the cleaning I do after you, and I know you knew I was your cleaner…
How shameless you can be?!!?!?”
I shouted, punching the table.
At this, my wife froze.
“Don’t freeze, talk woman, talk!
After hours of trying to make the mess you call “job well done”, look normal and spotless…
I come home to unwashed dishes, undone laundry, and to top that, my day job being a chef, I also have to cook AND CLEAN THE HOUSE!
Tell me?  Tell me why couldn’t you take at least cleaning the house from me!”
I questioned.
“I…I am…”
She stuttered.
“You are?”
I asked.
“PFff…Sorry haha!”
She said, starting to laugh and jumping up.
I froze a bit, but then she jumped on me, hugged me and kissed me.
“I thought you would hate me for not telling you the truth and leave me…
And here you are, just mad about cleaning!”
She said, laughing, and raining kisses on me.
“Oy, woman, while I fancy you, I am really angry!
What do you mean, just about cleaning?
IT’s really serious for me!”
I said, trying to push her away, but she was clingy as a koala.
“Let’s make a baby!
And then, I will be a housewife, and retire!”
She said, suddenly.
This time, it was my time to freeze.
“Hehe, if that’s what you wish!”
I said, holding her in a princess carry and going upstairs.
I was still mad, but when your wife is that cute, and says those words you’ve been waiting for the last 3 years…
You just can’t stay mad…
Nothing to do with how she looked or talked that day…
No…not at all…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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