Unfortunate Target

As I was chilling, simply reading some old magical tomes, I could hear some of my friends roaring and screaming in fear and pain.
I sighed, and closed the tomes.
“Here comes another group…”
I murmured, walking out of my wooden hut.
Sure enough, walking out the door, I could see a dozen or so men and women, fighting and killing my little friends.
Sighing, I waved my hand and whooshed away the little beasts, leaving only the baffled hunters behind.
“Can’t you stop with the mindless violence?”
I asked them, massaging my temples.
The hunters woke up when they heard my voice, and turned towards me.
Weapons and spells flashed, as they raised their guard up.
Is the Undying Demon Queen suddenly a pacifist?”
One of the demon hunters asked.
“I always w…”
I tried to answer, but a rain of spells hit me.
After it ended, I dusted off my hoodie.
“Come on guys and gals, seriously?
Can’t you understand that you can’t hurt me with holy spe…”
I tried to explain, but now, a rain of bullets and arrows interrupted me.
Once again, it didn’t hurt me, and thanks to my barrier, my hoodie remained intact.
“Listen, you can’t do a thing to me because…”
I started to explain once more.
“Because not even the first hunters could, and they even managed to hurt the Devil himself.
We know, but we won’t give up!
Your evil deeds shall be punished!”
They shouted, interrupting me.
I rolled my eyes.
Evil deeds my ass, this universe wasn’t even born, when I was chilling in the darkness.
“Off you go now.”
I said, waving my hand towards them.
They disappeared with weapons and all.
“Finally some peace…
Let’s heal my little critters…”
I murmured, as I went to my backyard, and checked upon my friends.
There, I saw the various degrees of injuries, and frowned.
“When will this all end?…”
I sighed, and went on to heal them.
They were demonic beings.
From imp, succubi, to demon dragons and eldritch entities, but still, they were peaceful most of the time.
They were feeding off the energy my house was emitting, so they never preyed upon other living beings…
Those hunters have good intentions, but they are way to biased…
After all, they really can’t hurt me with holy powers nor demonic  ones.
I am Balance.
I literally am what keeps most things together.
Attacking me is impossible…
But oh well, not like they going to understand that the one they target, is not someone they can deal with.
With that thought out of my mind, I went back to reading…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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