Peculiar Saint

In Heaven one can live a life of relaxation or one could offer up his talents for the Heaven’s.
Heave’s a realm just like any other.
Albeit of a higher grade, it’s basic functions still need to be kept in check.
So food growing, harvesting is still needed.
Building skills are still needed.
Scholars are still needed.
Warriors are still needed.
And all talents are welcomed.
One can go from a simple soul to a Saint if they go on a non-combatant route.
One can go from a simple soul to even an Archangel, if they go on a combatant route.
That doesn’t mean a Saint is powerless, but their power lays usually in mysticism.
Amongst the many Saints of the Heavenly Realm, one stands out due to his unusual routine.
His name was Semel, and he was one of the first Saints, one whose deeds and heroic sacrifices are forgotten, washed away by the passing of the ages.
Even now, his work in God’s Library and his pilgrimage in other realms is claimed to be off the highest level of contribution.
Thus, he could exchange his contribution for countless rewards and benefits.
From leading legions of angels, to leading entire regions of Heaven, he could get it all.
One could even exchange for abilities, talents and blessings as well.
Legends say he did so many things, converting entire realms, that after exchanging for everything there was, he started to come up with new things to ask.
And he came up with the most interesting thing.
He wished for Lucifer to visit him in his mansion in the Heavens.
And this wish of his was accepted.
At first, legions of angels marched upon the mansion, to deal with Lucifer on home ground.
But nobody could enter Semel’s mansion.
Let alone enter, besides God, and Semel’s close friends, nobody could find or remember the mansion’s general direction, let’s not mansion it’s exact location.
And therefore, they’ve let it go.
But their dissatisfaction wasn’t left unsaid.
“The Devil on Father’s land?
Saint Semel is overstepping some serious boundaries…”
A certain angel said.
“Saint Semel is one of the first Saints…
That means that maybe he become a Saint when Lucifer was still Samael, they might be old friends.”
Another angel said.
There were those who attacked and those who protected Semel’s reputation.
But the Saint in cause, was leisurely brewing tea, as he waited.
Soon enough, a blinding light filled his study, and a devilishly handsome man stood in the middle of it.
The man, sight, dusted off his suit, and sat down on Semel’s couch.
Semel smiled, and brought the tea set to the table.
“Welcome, Luci, it’s been some years.”
Semel said.
“Your fault, Sem-Sem.
Leaving for a prepubescent universe, trying to tempt people to this side.”
Lucifer said, taking out a flash, and pouring its content into the tea.
“Well, it would be boring to be confined to a single universe.
And don’t start with “Then try out Hell…”, Hell is connected to almost every universe out there, you have plenty of interesting fellows to interact with.”
Semel said, chuckling.
“Sem-Sem, the greatest Saint, the one who dines with God, and has breakfast with the Devil.
I wonder what your little fans would say had they know that you aren’t even from this universe.
And the only reason you are in Heaven, is biggest you helped Dad with something big in the beginning.”
Lucifer said, smirking.
“They would shrug, chuckle awkwardly, and forget about it.
At least most of them.
Not everyone is like you or Michael, so curious.”
Semel said, winking.
The two then started to laugh, and discuss random topics.
From Hell’s latest conquests, wars and tournaments to the myriad realms Semel visited.
The two exchanged rare books and artefacts they’ve found, before finally saying goodbye to each other after a long long time.
“Take care, Luci.
Try not to brood too much, and hang  out with your family more.”
Semel said, shaking Lucifer’s hand.
“You too Sem-Sem.
You should visit your hometown from time to time.”
Lucifer said.
Then Lucifer left, while Semel went to Heaven’s library to continue his tasks…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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