The Kind hearted witch

“I will make your lives as good as possible.
You two will be the perfect couple, and you will live a long and healthy life.
But it all comes at cost, but you know that, right?”
Isabella said.
“You are a witch, we know your price.
The first-born child, is that right?”
The young woman spoke first.
The man also nodded, gripping his lover’s hand tightly.
“Very well.”
Isabella nodded, and casted the spell.
The couple felt weightless, and was filled with confidence afterwards.
They’ve left without even looking back.
Isabella sat in her hut, before exiting from the back door.
There, an endless forest spread, and in front if it was a huge boarding house.
There were dozens of kids playing in the garden, while being watched over by bears, owls and the animals of the forest.
“Everyone, in roughly 14 months and 3 days, we will welcome a new one.
It will be a girl, so, the women’s dormitory shall prepare another room!”
Isabella shouted.
As she said that, the boarding house started to tremble on its own, like it was responding to her.
A few older one came up to Isabella.
“So, another couple willingly came up to you?”
They asked with a smirk.
“Yah, I could never understand you humans.
Willingly sacrificing your offspring…”
Isabella said sighing.
As a witch, she could have a child only with a demon.
Since demons aren’t walking the earth anymore…you can guess it.
Thus, she started to take care of the children of those who willingly give up.
“Don’t worry Ma, you are just saving us from people who would put their own good over their kids.”
One of the older girls said.
“And, you teach us more than they teach us at school.
The few who left already are all big shots in the world of business, marketing, TV, medicine, law and some are even politicians!”
A boy chimed in.
Isabella smiled happily, as she ruffled the hairs of the kids.
She’s been doing this only for a century or so.
For someone who’s ageless that’s barely something.
But if she thinks about it…
She did raise quite a couple of good kids.
Some of them…
Some of them are really starting to make the difference.
“Good, enough with the chit-chat, let’s eat.”
She said, as tables started to appear in the opening.
The kids giggled, and huddled around.
Food appeared on the tables,  and one could see everything there.
From fancy food to street food, you could make your choice.
The kids happily ate, while Isabella just chewed on some bamboo, watching the scene with mirth in her eyes.
Even the forest animals joined in, at least a few of them.
“Like this…It’s worth living like this.”
She thought to herself.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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