Manners saved the day

Another day, another mayhem caused and then cleaned up.
“Good job me!”
I murmur, as I clean up the shards of broken glass.
As I am picking them up, a robot comes up to do it.
I slightly bump it by mistake.
“Ah, I apologize, and I am sorry, but I want to clean it myself.”
I said, bowing slightly to the tall, square shaped robot.
It didn’t talk, but just left.
It’s been 60 years since robots were standardized.
And it’s been just as many years since people started to get lazier and lazier.
But these robots are quite nice.
Sometimes I talk to them, even though they can’t talk.
It’s quite refreshing.
I am extremely clumsy.
Thus I often have to do the double of my work, and usually robots are sent to help me.
I don’t let them work, as my policy is: “My mistake, my turn to correct it.”.
Also, sometimes I bump into them as they are really silent, thus stealthy.
I always apologize.
People laugh at me because of that, as most treat robots as tools.
I see robots as living beings, sort-of.
After all, they seem smarter than a lot of my compatriots.
I never would’ve thought, nor imagined, that my behavior, that was instilled in me by my late grandma, would save my family’s and my life.
I was sleeping in, as it was a Sunday.
When I was just dreaming of becoming an expert at everything I was doing, my wife woke me up.
She stuttered.
“Yes, wifey?
Are the kids doing something again?”
I asked, with eyes still closed.
“You…You should take a look outside.”
She said.
I nodded, and while yawning, I walked sluggishly up to the window.
Pulling away the curtain, what greeted me was a light-show.
Fires blazing in the distance, the smoke gathering in heavy clouds already.
Our neighbors house completely wrecked, while our garden being neat and clean as usually…
Well, because of my honey, she’s the one keeping everything in check.
I was baffled, and quickly run downstairs to the front door.
I stumbled and almost fell, but our own cleaning robot caught me.
“Thanks, Cleany.”
I said, patting it lovingly.
I loved it, I haven’t had to do the dishes in 8 years!
Opening the doors, I’ve seen…the end.
Sirens blaring, people screaming, buildings burning…and at the heart of all of this?
The robots.
The robots were rebelling.
Chasing and caging people in bigger, heavy-work robots.
Looking back at Cleany, I gulped.
“Don’t worry.
You are good.”
Cleany said in a robotic voice.
I just smiled wryly, as I closed the door and went back to my wife.
Waking up the kids, I’ve told them about the situation.
Long story short, we need to behave even better with the robots.
And my kids started to learn etiquette.
After all…
Grandma’s manners teachings saved our life.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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