Apocalypse at my door

I was reading, when someone knocked on my door.
I sluggishly walked over there, in my pajamas and flip-flops.
Opening the door, a skinny, but tall young woman grinned at me.
She had blinding white teeth, yellowish skin, and spring green eyes.
Her hair was down to her ankles, and it was of an amethyst purple color.
“Good, good.
Take this book, you will make an even better Death than I dreamt.
Your horse or rather said mount will arrive in a week’s time.
She said, patting my shoulder, pushing a huge tome in my hands and leaving.
The entire encounter left me confused.
I wanted to just casually let the tome drop in front of my door, and forget about it…but I couldn’t…
The huge book, that had black and white leather covers, and a weird symbol on it disappeared…
Well, disappeared is too much said, apparently it appeared in my soul…
The girl before?
She was Apocalypse.
The random mambo-jambo she talked about?
It was all true.
Now, I am Death, one of the 4 horseman, and I will get the address of our little gathering, the moment I bond with my mount.
I sighed, shrugged and went back to reading my book.
The book I was reading before, not the huge one floating somewhere in my soul or whatever.
Shouldn’t I be worried, afraid or at least puzzled?
Yeah, I should.
But I’ve seen people gambling with mice (against them) and losing.
Seen people listening to pigeons and I’ve seen dogs smarter than my neighbors.
So I am not going to question, the skinny but frightening lady who made a tome appear in my soul.
Days passed like seconds, and soon another knocking could be heard at my door.
Sluggishly walking up to the door in my underwear, I opened the door.
Don’t judge me by the way, it was way hotter than previous week, most likely that lass Apocalypse’s fault.
And I know, I know, as a woman I should take care of myself, but well, I don’t care.
Opening the door, I stood face to face with a pure white tortoise the size of a Chevy Impala ’67.
It grumbled in a deep voice as it bowed.
I nodded, and sighed.
The meeting is just next day…we have to leave…now.
Sighing, I put on a bathrobe, which ironically was pink and mounted the tortoises shell.
Frankly, it was just as fast as a car, if not faster, yet I didn’t feel the wind nor any bumps…
It was quite relaxing.
I lay down on its shell, and started napping.
When I just dreamt of an endless library, I was awoken by little Terra’s voice.
I name the tortoise Terra, sue me for being cheeky.
“Master, we are here.”
He said.
I yawned, and patted his shell.
“Good job mate.”
I said.
Looking around, we were in an amusement park…
Not even an abandoned one, but a rather popular one, just now it was filled with screaming people running away.
Why were they running away?
Because a huge bear, a colossal snake, a toad and a tortoise riding group met up in the middle of it.
Nodding to the others, I wanted just to nap once more, but we just heard a whistle.
“Damn, you all look better than I thought you would!”
Apocalypse was here once more.
She was more…beamy I would say, but she still looked more or less the same.
After arriving, she hugged us all, and introduced us to each other.
War was a tall, and well-built woman, with pink and green hair, and a tendency to cuss.
She was wearing a bear onesie.
Pestilence was a tall, thin but at the same time fat (weird I know), middle-aged man.
He was wearing a 3 piece, royal blue suit, with a golden tie.
Famine was a short, but healthy looking young man, with spiky red hair.
He was wearing an oversized hoodie, with sweatpants.
And lastly, me.
With my pink bathrobe, and long rich pitch black hair.
I wasn’t short nor tall, and I wish to believe I had quite the curves in the right places.
After introducing each other, Apocalypse flashed a cheeky grin.
“Now, shall we start me?”
She said, giggling.
I think War and I rolled our eyeballs audibly, while Famine just giggled.
Pestilence was oddly silent, but I think he gritted his teeth.
I sighed.
“What will I tell people in the future?
Oh, my resume and past experience?
One day Apocalypse showed up at my door and I participated in the end of the world…
Wait…will I have anyone to talk to after this?
So bothersome…”
I murmured, as I said to Terra to just follow Apocalypse, and I went back to sleep.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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