Burdensome inheritance

I wept for so long, I couldn’t remember if I was crying or it was raining.
Standing at the grave of my grandfather, I couldn’t believe it happened.
My grandfather was more fit than I, a 20 year old man was…
He was cheerful, and…annoying, always playing pranks on me.
And oh, he was so loving…
He loved games, and books, and shows about the supernatural and paranormal…
He was my best-friend…
And now he is gone…
After who knows how long, I went home.
It was an apartment he bought for me…
He was quite rich, dealing with real estate and antiquities…
I sat on the edge of my bed in darkness…and probably fell asleep, as I was awoken by my phone ringing.
It was the lawyer, we needed to talk about the inheritance.
I sighed, dressed up and unwillingly waited for the lawyer to come by.
“Mr. Caveaum, first of all, I am sorry for your loss.”
The lawyer said.
I just nodded, and smiled.
“So, your grandfather left an entire estate, a mansion and all his assets to you.”
The lawyer said.
I just sighed.
I already knew that grandpa wanted to leave everything to me…
But I never listened…
I never thought he would be gone so soon…
“The estate holds tens of workers, mostly gardeners, chefs, several security officers and maids.
Your grandpa…”
The lawyer said.
“Won’t fire them, I know.
I know some of them.”
I said, interrupting him.
The lawyer smiled, and continued to read the will.
After all was done, he left.
I spend the next few days in a semi-unconscious state.
I ate, drank and slept and everything else, but I wasn’t self-aware…
But after that, I finally decided it was time to check out the estate and mansion.
Driving ours, leaving the city, I finally arrived at the estate.
It was surrounded by a beautiful wall, with mythical engravings, and the gate of metal has two Suanni lion statues guarding it.
As I arrived at the gate, it opened, and from the side, an elderly security guard appeared.
“Young Master David, we’ve been waiting for you.”
He said with a smile.
I smiled as well, remembering old Will.
He used to play with me when I was a kid and visited grandpa.
I slowly drove up to the mansion, while admiring the views.
It was a well maintained estate, even…
Even after he passed…
Arriving at the mansion, the maids, chefs and the butler welcomed me.
“Sir David, welcome.”
The butler said.
I just nodded.
Showing me around the house, we ended our tour with grandpa’s study.
I walked around, smiling childishly at seeing the young adult, fantasy and sci-fi books, alongside with countless comics in his library.
“He never acted his age..”
I murmured, before stopping.
I found something strange.
A personal development book.
“Grandpa hated these books…
He always said he could learn the same things from novels, and at least he could taste a bit of adventure all the while…”
I murmured, as I picked the book off the shelves.
The moment I did, something clicked, and the shelves moved away, revealing a secret pathway.
I gulped.
I was scared, and afraid, but my curiosity beat all those feelings and I decided to go inside.
Following the windings pathways, I ended up in an underground hall…
It was a dungeon, filled with cells.
In each cell…there was…something.
“I…I can’t believe this…”
I murmured, as I watched mesmerized, as in one of the cells, an ocean lay, within it dozens of mermaids…
Another cell contained an entire forest filled with nymphs, dryads and treants…
Another cell contained a cattle farm, where vampires lived off the cattle’s blood…
And more and more…
“Grandpa’s fascination for the supernatural and paranormal came from real life…”
I sighed.
And in one of the cells, was sitting in a lotus position a skinny, elderly man.
He was wearing only a grey pair of pants, while his skinny body was uncovered.
He had no beard, and his hair was short and pale white.
“Ah, young man!
Please, let me out!
An old man trapped me here, alongside these monsters and beasts!
please help me!”
The elderly man shouted, after he saw me.
I chuckled and turned away.
“Where are you going?!
Please! Please help me!”
The elderly man begged for help.
“I’ve read one too many books to fall for this.
Also, I trust 100% my grandpa, so I won’t let you out.
Certainly, you are either the most dangerous entity here or you are the most dangerous and the one who allowed grandpa to build all this.”
I said, shaking my head.
The elderly man started to laugh.
“You Caveaum’s, always so sharp and so righteous…
One day, this mansion will rot and decay, the earth with collapse and I shall be free…
And then…
Then there will be no more “then”.”
The elderly man said, eerily, before starting to whistle rhythmically.
I shivered, and I watched as even dragons, vampires and the many mythical creatures also shivered and tried their best to ignore the sounds…
I sighed…
“Even after death, you manage to prank me into doing something bothersome…
I miss you grandpa…”
I whispered, as I left the dungeon.
I had a lot of things to figure out…
And a lot of things to plan…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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