Cute Kidnapping

Mellissa was just going home after a long day at university, when a van pulled up beside her.
She just sighed, and relaxed her muscles, just as the van’s door opened, and someone yanked her in.
“Go, go, go!”
One of the individuals in the van shouted to the driver, who quickly accelerated.
At this, Mellissa sighed.
“Don’t hurry, and drive normally, that way, you don’t attract unwanted attention.”
Mellissa said.
The kidnappers were shocked, but the driver did as she suggested.
After a few minutes of silence, Mellissa sighed again.
“You are newbies, right?”
She asked.
One of the kidnappers, a woman, turned towards her.
“Why do you think so?”
She asked.
“Your masks are Halloween masks, you didn’t tie me, nor knock me out.
You van is rather rundown…
Also, you should’ve taken my phone, and my backpack from me.”
Mellissa said, shaking her head.
The kidnappers nodded, while the woman went up to Mellissa and took her phone, and backpack.
“Won’t you tie me?”
Mellissa asked.
“3 men, and me, who are all adults.
You are barely 19 young lass, we can take care of you.
Also, you don’t seem to be the type to struggle.”
The woman answered her once more.
“Not my first time being kidnapped.
I hate pain, so I would rather cooperate than to be randomly hit, cuffed or knocked-out.”
Mellissa said shrugging.
The man sitting next to Mellissa gasped.
“We wouldn’t do such barbaric things to a young lady!”
He exclaimed.
At this, Mellissa laughed.
A good, lively, and natural laugh.
“Damn, you really are newbies.”
She said, her voice filled with mirth and her eyes teary.
The kidnappers didn’t know if they should laugh or cry.
Soon, they’ve arrived at the location of their hideout.
Mellissa wanted to laugh again, thinking how cute her kidnappers were.
It was an abandoned Café at the edge of the town.
Entering, she saw that it was actually well-maintained inside.
“Don’t tell me…
You are the owners of this Café, right?”
She asked her kidnappers.
“Yeah, and we need money to relocate into a better neighborhood.”
The woman said, tying Mellissa to a chair.
“So, how did this plan of yours begin?”
Mellissa asked, genuinely curious.
“One of your classmates is my cousins daughter.
She told us that by mistake, she learnt that you are really, really rich.
But you still always walk alone…
So we thought…”
One of the men started to explain.
“That kidnapping me, and asking for ransom could be doable, right?”
Mellissa asked, smiling.
“Yes…But we never planned to hurt you!
We are baristas, waitress and waiters…not some hooligans!”
Another man started to throw the excuses.
Mellissa, smiled and sighed.
“You should’ve done your homework better…”
She said, shaking her head.
As she said that, she started to massage her wrists.
“How did you do that?!”
The woman exclaimed, seeing that Mellissa now was untied.
“I told you, not my first kidnapping.
Secondly, do you know how rich I am?”
She asked.
“Very rich.
Like could buy the city rich.”
One of the men carefully answered.
“Make it half-the country rich.
And it’s all due to my father’s and my “family’s” hard work.”
Mellissa said, stretching.
Her graceful, and well developed body making the men gulp.
“Now, do you think anyone could get that rich, without dirtying their hands?”
Mellissa asked.
At this, the kidnappers paled.
All of them started to look around warily.
“You even took your masks off…
You are so cute.”
Mellissa said, giggling.
The kidnappers just shivered, at her lively, sweet giggles.
“Alice, Rose, Lilith, come out but don’t do anything to them.”
Mellissa said.
As she said that, from the shadows, three women appeared.
All of them dressed in full black, tall and lean.
They had swords and guns in their possession.
“Now, my dear kidnappers.
I will buy this Café, and you will work for me.”
Mellissa said.
The woman asked.
“I found you all cute, so I thought I will play with you a bit.”
Mellissa said, pinching the woman’s nose.
“Let’s go.”
She said to her bodyguards, leaving her kidnappers stunned.
Later on, the Café was bought, and the entire neighbourhood was developed.
It became a centre of attraction, and the prices of the place became 2nd only to the centre of the city.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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