Life’s and Death’s life

Life and Death are two different sides of the same coin.
But one should know that Life and Death aren’t just concepts.
They are both existing entities, two entities that have really important duties in our reality.
And these two entities were living in the void far away from time-and-space, far away from the creation we were living in…
And more important, the two were neighbors and “childhood” friends…
And now, both of them were heading home, after a long “day” at work.
“Day” is simply used as to set a sense of time in the story, as we won’t ever know how eternal beings perceive the passage of time.
If we want to talk about Life and Death, we need to talk about their houses.
First of all, as the two were living in the void, they’ve both created territories upon which they constructed their homes.
Both of the territories are small but at the same time endless.
Death’s territory is a lush forest, filled with lakes, fruits, and safe to eat mushrooms. (She really like mushrooms.)
Life’s territory is a snowy and dangerous mountain range, with nothing in sight but rocks, and snow.
Now, don’t think I’ve mistaken their territories, and their houses will even further prove my point.
Life’s house is a humongous castle, with an infinitely high tower in which she usually resides.
The castle has no paintings or works of art, and only Life lives there.
She often spends her time shut away from the outside world, reading or playing the piano.
Death’s house is an endless hut.
With myriad of rooms, each inhabited by a different creature.
Her house’s door is always open, and she is often talking, painting or singing for the creatures that visit her.
But Death’s favorite hobby is to visit Life.
And today wasn’t any different.
“Hey, bestie, are you still alive?”
Death shouted as she entered Life’s castle using the keys she copied long time ago.
“Very funny, D, come upstairs…”
A tired, and long sigh was the answer to Death’s question.
She cheerfully skipped on the stairs and soon she arrived at Life’s room.
Opening the heavy wooden door, she entered a room filled with books, a blanket on the floor and a window.
In it stood Life, with her grey dress, long silvery hair.
Death went up to and lifted her.
After all, Death was more than 3 heads taller than life.
“Don’t do that D.”
Life said, without even dropping or stopping reading the book in her hands.
“Aww, come on Lifey my little bestie, don’t be like that.”
Death said, giggling.
It was a staggering contrast.
Life was an enchanting but aloof woman, with an absolutely dark sense of style, and life.
Death was a fiery and seductive woman, and an as cheerful and happy being as one can get.
Death put Life down, and went to sit on the floor.
Life seeing this sighed, and waved her hand.
Underneath Death, a turtle the size of a bed appeared and Death sat upon it instead of the cold floor.
“Can I…”
Death started to speak.
“Keep it. You know I can’t bother to work when I am home.”
Life interrupted her.
“The benevolent Life, so cold.
How was your day?”
Death asked, giggling as she played with the turtle.
“Same as usual.
Create a planet, a star, a heavenly river.
Populate said planets with organisms, and plan out the evolutionary path of said planet…
Fill some rocks with organisms and send them flying through space…
Meet with the stronger living beings, answer some questions, heal the worthy…
How…how about yours?”
Life asked, in an almost deathly bored tone.
“It was amazing!
I had to destroy some planets, stars send some reapers to reap the souls, and also argue with some kids who were strong enough to by-pass me.
While destroying the planets, I came up with news ways for their destruction, but don’t worry.
I saved some creatures from there, and some materials, and plants and had them send to my house.
You worked so hard to make them and they are so lovely…
I really don’t like that I have to destroy them…”
Death started all cheery, but at the end she was guilty.
Suddenly, Life patted Death’s head, by standing on a chair.
“If you like them, I will keep making things and send them your way.
You are better at keeping them than me.”
Life said.
Death beamed once more, and her lively voice spread across the void.
The two were the polar opposites of each other, in a freakishly different way than most imagine.
Yet, I can’t seem find two individuals who love each other more than they do…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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