“Red suits you, darling”

“Red really suits you, my love.”
I said, watching my dear wife posing in front of the mirror.
She wore a beautiful ruby red party dress, we just bought for tonight’s event.
“Thanks, I know.”
She giggled, and span around, making me lost in my own thoughts.
“Honey…Honey, we should go…”
She said, poking my forehead.
“Oh sorry, I was just mesmerized by you.
How lucky I am that we met.”
I said, kissing her hand.
She just laughed, and we left our palace.
We went to the main one, and the herald announced our arrival.
“His Majesty King Mathias and Her Highness Queen Rose”
He shouted, and the ballroom quieted.
We entered slowly, and nodded politely to all those who were here.
The Prime Minister, the officials, the army Marshal, the royal mages and sorcerers, and all the nobles who gathered for a single purpose.
“Thank you all for being present.
It is a wonderful day, as it’s the day my wife, Rose, finally can officially participate in the affairs of the state.
For this outstanding occasion, we’ve organized this party, so let’s enjoy ourselves!”
I said, and the music started to play once more, people starting to talk, dance and eat.
My wife and I went up to all the attendees and exchanged pleasantries.
The number of attendees was higher than I expected.
With more than 5 thousand of them showing up, the ballroom was almost half-full.
The mages and sorcerers were getting drunk, and some spells and incantations could be seen flying here and there.
The soldiers also started to brawl and to mock-fight.
It was an enjoyable atmosphere.
And then, I looked at my wife.
She was biting on her blood-red lips, and slightly blushed.
“You want to join the rowdiness, right?”
I asked.
She just nodded like a cute rabbit.
“Go ahead, have fun.”
I said to her, just to see her dash towards the bragging generals.
I went to talk with the officials.
I had no reason to fear for my wife’s safety after all…
She’s a dragon.
And just as I thought that, a soldier flew past me, and crashed into the table, before standing up and murmuring something and rushing back.
“Haha, lively bunch…”
I said to the Prime Minister, as more officials joined us to talk about the kingdom’s situation.
By the end of the night, all my court’s mages and our kingdom’s soldiers and generals were defeated at least once by my wife.
Be it in a strength, knowledge, eating or drinking contest, she won.
After the party, we went to our palace, and started to settle for the day in our bedroom.
My wife was undressing, when I came in the room.
“So, did you satisfy your battle hunger and pride?”
I asked, hugging her from behind.
“Yes, but now, I hunger for something else.”
She said, giggling, as she turned around, her clothes falling to the ground.
Let’s just say, none of us slept that night.
Days came and went, and my wife was dutifully doing her tasks.
But one day, several months later an amazing news hit us.
“Your Highness, you are pregnant.”
The Imperial Physician said.
We were so happy, that we issued a kingdom wife festival for 5 days.
It was amazing.
Time trickled, and days turned into weeks.
My wife was getting more and more beautiful, but at the same time…moodier.
She was lovely, and a tad bit too…affectionate with me, but bless the souls of others who dared to even blink in her direction.
And a neighboring country just decided to invade us with the worst timing possible.
We were having breakfast, when the messenger came in with the news.
The invading army was at our border, the border army is requesting reinforcements.
My wife’s smile didn’t fade.
With a hand on her stomach, she looked at me.
“Honey, it will take just a second.
I will be back soon.”
She said, as she jumped up, and out the window.
I glanced at the messenger.
“Hurry up, tell the mages to prepare the teleportation array, and send a message to the Aetian Kingdom.”
I said, as I stood up.
“What message your Highness?”
He asked.
“We accept their surrender.”
I said, as I took the skies, leaving behind a baffled messenger.
I chased my wife, but I was no match to her in speed.
As I was getting closer to the border, I could already see smoke and flames.
I sighed.
“Did they forget the 1000 year calamity of our continent?
The Dragon of Chaos, who slumbered most of the time, but when awake, she shattered kingdoms?”
I murmured, with a slight smile.
After all, I had to be proud.
I somehow got to conquer the heart of such an amazing woman.
By the time I reached the actual battlefield, the “war” was over.
War is much said…it was simply a massacre.
Blood, ashes, shattered bodies, tore armors and broken weapons littered the scene.
A small river of blood, alongside with still burning heaps of land infused a heavy, nauseating smell into the air…
In the middle of all of this stood my wife…
Still in her pajamas…covered from head to toe in blood, and remains…
She smiled at me.
“See? I told you it will be over in a jiffy.”
She said, happily coming towards me.
Holding her hands, I smiled.
“Red…red really suits you, darling.”
I said.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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