Country of hermits

Our world is supposed to be endless.
Being inhabited by myriad races, from goblins, gnomes, dwarves to dragons, angels, demons and gods, all the races one could imagine, one can find here.
Thus, a planet that is endless is not impossible to be accepted, after all, wars here for territory aren’t common.
Each race has vast territories, it’s just not each territory is as rich as the other.
And these races have plenty of unique individuals.
Some were accepted by their race others were chased by everyone else.
And thus, our world gave birth to a rather peculiar place.
A place where exiles, outcasts, eccentrics and overall hermits, individuals who seek solitude gather.
The country of hermits, this place is called.
I know, I know, how can they be called hermits, if they’ve built a country.
Well, they haven’t.
The country of hermits is a region of this world filled with forests, starry rivers and sky piercing mountains.
The dangers that one can find here are infinite plus one, as a child might say.
And thus it’s the perfect place for someone to seek enlightenment or some peace.
But our world is supposed to be endless.
So the population is leaning towards that number as well.
The forests are populated by dozens of hermits, and the mountains hold themselves hundreds of them.
While the number might seem infinitesimal compared to the whole population of this world, don’t forget that they are hermits, and all of them are extremely eccentric or strong, or both.
And now, a newcomer is trying to find its place in this country named by outsiders and not by its own inhabitants.
It was a towering beastman, who was slowly walking towards the dangerous lands of the hermits.
Due to a reason or another, he took his chances with this journey.
Along his journey, he met several other hermits, whom all were really friendly.
“Weird…aren’t they supposed to be all eccentric?”
He murmured, but he just shrugged off the weird feeling.
Wandering, and searching, he finally found the perfect spot for his new home.
A small glade in the heart of a wonderful ancient forest was his chosen spot.
It had a silvery lake, and trees of countless eras making it the perfect environment for a beastman like him.
He simply built himself a wooden hut, and started his seclusion.
Pondering over his life, pondering over the stars, moon and all that he could feel, see and all that he couldn’t, years passed.
But his past never stopped haunting him.
Day after day, his scars would ache and his blood would boil.
The rage within couldn’t be put at sleep, so he went out and let his rage free.
Trees toppled over, the lake almost dried out and the earth cried in pain.
After regaining his calm, he would re-plant the trees, gather the essence of the stars and moon to refill the lake, and hunt for mindless beasts to fertilize the ground he hurt.
He slowly gained a deeper understanding of everything that surrounded him…but his emotions were still out of his reach.
Then, on a beautiful sunny day, he heard a sweet singing voice, giggling and water splashing.
Going outside, he found a young girl, barely an adult maybe, skipping stones at the lake, singing, and being all cheerful.
She was all alone, but for a reason or another, she gave him a sense of security, of calmness.
The two started talking, and the man took a liking to the young woman.
She reminded him of his daughter…
“Mr. Draec you are sure thoughtful.”
The young woman said, as she ate the meal the man cooked.
“Listen, kids like you should eat properly.
What non-sense about essence and energy only?
Even experts eat from time to time, especially when it’s cooked properly!”
Draec said.
“Kid, huh?”
The young woman giggled.
Draec just sighed, this youngling was just too mischievous for him.
Years went and passed, and the two continued to spend time together once in a while.
On a certain day, Draec was raging to his heart content, when he heard a “tsk”.
Turning around, with eyes bloodshot, he saw the young woman.
“Why are you here?
I told you today is not a good day…”
He growled at her.
“Once again, you are losing yourself to your emotions.
After all these years, you can’t forget?”
She asked, smiling.
“Forget? Forget?!
I used to be a KING!
My own daughter usurped my throne, and drove me away!
Now I am like a homeless, without anything!”
He shouted.
“You have a hut, you have the forest and the world at your feet.
And you have me.
You have a thing or two.”
The young woman said, giggling.
“I had thousands of wives, millions of soldiers as subordinates!
All gone because of me…all dead because I was weak…
I used to be a king…”
He said, his momentum getting weaker and weaker.
“I used to be a goddess.”
The young woman suddenly said.
Draec looked bewildered at her.
She was sitting on a tree branch, looking at the full moon.
“I used to live there you know?
On the moon.
I was the Moon Goddess, born and raised by the Lunar Essences and their laws.
One day, people decided I was too cold, too aloof and they’ve changed me for one of my older siblings.
She was more approachable, and easier to bed.”
She said, laughing.
“You…Don’t you want revenge?”
Draec asked.
“Why? So I can bear all those responsibilities again?
Or to have my hands washed in blood?
Now, I am free and unfettered.
And most importantly, I am still alive.”
The young woman said, beaming.
Draec just shook his head.
“It will pass, little kid.
In life, we lose, we win, but if we are alive at the end of all of it, we should be glad.
Not many can say that they’ve lost, and survived.”
The young woman said, flashing a sparkling smile, before jumping down.
She landed on the lake, and started to dance.
Draec never saw such a beautiful dance…nor such a graceful being…
After that day, he spent more time with her, but this time, he was treating her not as a kid, not as an equal, but someone from whom he could learn…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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