The four teenagers of the apocalypse

My wife and I…
My wife and I couldn’t have kids, but would’ve loved to have them more than anything.
Thus we decided to adopt.
Both of us wanted girls, so we adopted girls, 4 at number, one each year.
All of them are roughly the same age, and all of them are extremely special.
All of them were 1 years old when we’ve adopted them, and the moment we saw them for the first time, we both fell in love with them, having a strong feeling of connection.
Sadly, their records were in shambles, so no exact birthday could be set.
So, my wife came up with a good plan.
Each of their birthday would be exactly one month apart, with the first one being adopted being the “oldest”.
It was an extremely well thought idea, and of course I agreed.
When the girls started to grow, we realized they were even more special than previously thought.
They were extremely intelligent, and mature.
Barely at age 3, they could already hold proper conversations with us, and even the meaning of those conversations were understood by them.
Let’s not even talk about reading, writing or sports…but here comes the differences.
The oldest, Heather was quiet, collected and calm most of the time.
She would look after the others, and was unwillingly the leader of the kids.
Spending most of her time reading or drawing, she was the core of 4.
Then, there was Edel, who was like a raging storm and fiery dragon born in the body of a sweet child.
She was always full of energy, she could do athletic things I am not sure I could do, when she was barely 5, and she would always protect her sisters.
The third daughter of ours, was Endine, who was always by Heather’s side.
She loved cooking, and had an unimaginable talent at it, although she was the quietest of them all.
And our little pumpkin, Rose, the youngest and also smallest who was the most sociable one.
There wasn’t a single person that wasn’t swayed by her words.
She could make a friend in a sentence, and a best friend for life in a conversation.
Ah, just talking about them make me feel like the king of the world, filling me with pride.
They are, were and will be special to us, but we never knew…never knew how special they were…
We saw the signs, of course we saw them, but you know how it is…
When it involves your loved ones, you turn a blind eye to them…
It wasn’t hard to see, something …something more was going on with the girls.
When our dog died, Heather touched it, and it came back to life and got younger, until it was almost a puppy once more.
That dog was a dog we got when we got married…16 years ago…
Edel, my dear Edel…she was beating the adults in martial arts, marathons, and was dealing with some delinquent gangs by the time she was barely 15.
Then Endine, my little fairy…she was able to cook us feasts without buying the ingredients…
She would just manifest them out of nothing…while we had more than we could eat, two town over there was a famine…
And then my pumpkin Rose…ever since she came into our family we were never ill, not even a headache, or heartburn or anything.
We weren’t stupid, but we loved them too much…
And then…they got older and soon they were 17.
Time flew right by us, and we were in a blissfully ignorant state.
Let me praise them a little bit more.
They were fine young adults by this point.
Heather was tall and lean, with long, pale silvery hair, eyes of the darkest brown and pale sandy skin.
Her voice was aloof, and she had the behavior of an all-knowing librarian.
Edel was even taller and slightly muscular.
She had bright red, silky long hair with the eyes of spring green, and a pale white skin.
Her voice was strong, and full with energy, she behaved like nothing in this world could scare her.
Endine was of an average height, with short half bright brown half grey hair, and sky blue eyes.
Her voice was sweet, but dry at the same time, and she was really caring and uncaring at the same time.
And then, my little pumpkin, Rose was just as tall as Heather, but with long, an orange hair. (hence the nickname.)
She had this enchanting voice, like a tempting whisper, and she had a pride and attitude like the whole world was at her feet.
They were my pride and joy, and I would’ve done anything for them, so would’ve my wife.
But children will be children, and one day, they will grow up.
It was such a day, as Edel brought home her boyfriend.
He was a nice and polite lad, with a good background and a deep adoration for my treasure, but that was just normal, who wouldn’t fall in love with Edel?
I still treated him coldly, after all, he had to prove himself worthy of my daughter.
Unfortunately for him, for us and for the entire world…he was not worthy.
Two weeks later, he was found by Edel coming of Rose’s room…
My wife was the first to arrive upstairs, as I was out in the garden when I heard the screams of anger, and the disdainful laughter.
Edel and Rose began to quarrel and then fight…
The entire house was shaking, and just before Heather intervened and stopped the fight, my wife fell down the stairs due to the shaking.
Thankfully, she just broke a hand, which was promptly healed by Heather.
But both Edel and Rose were terrified and sorry.
We had a long talk after we sent the boy home…
While we were talking, the TV turned on by itself, and the news were playing…
Not long ago, wars broke out, and a pandemic was brewing…
My daughters looked at us, and smiled wryly.
“Father, Mother…we are…”
Heather started to say.
“We know.”
My wife said, taking Heather by her hands.
Then, one by one we put our hands together.
“We know, and we will find a way out…
This world won’t end…I want to hold my grandkids!”
I said, which made Edel and Endine Blush, Rose just giggled, while Heather just shook her head.
I looked at my wife, and smiled.
We will go through this together…as a family, and we will solve it…somehow…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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