Another interesting therapy session

Moren Teklum was sipping his mint tea, when he got a phone call.
The number was all glitchy, but he shrugged it off.
“Hello, Moren Teklum’s psychiatrist office.
How can I help you?”
He said his usual little poem.
“Hello, I would like to make an appointment for a Mr. Samael.
Would tomorrow 10 am work for you?”
A sultry woman’s voice could be heard.
Mr. Teklum gulped, but he was a professional.
“One second…
Hmm, yes, 10 am will work, I have a 2 hour window opened up, will Mr. Samael take all of it, or should I reserve a shorter period of session?
Just so you know, the shortest I can go for is 45 minutes.”
Mr. Teklum answered.
“Ohoho, reserve the 2 hours please, and maybe plan for future sessions as well.
Well, Samael will be there tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day.”
The woman said, blowing a kiss through the phone, before hanging up.
Mr. Teklum was actually beet red, and sweating a bit.
“That was…weird.”
He murmured, as he continued sipping his tea.
He didn’t need to think too much about it, he had been working for decades in this field already, and some weirdness or quirkiness is considered normal.
The next day, Mr. Teklum was brewing some tea.
“It’s almost 10 am, he should be here soon enough.”
He murmured.
“Oh, I am here doc, but take your time with the tea.”
A voice said.
Mr. Teklum simply turned back, and saw a man sitting on the couch.
He was lean and tall even while sitting, with a straight like a spear back.
He had bright red hair, and green eyes.
He was wearing a royal blue suit, with a golden tie.
“Mr. Samael, I assume.”
Mr. Teklum said, going up to shake the newcomers hand.
“Indeed, I am.”
Samael said, shaking hands with him.
“Wait a second.”
Mr. Teklum said and went back to finish the tea.
Samael just nodded.
Soon, Mr. Teklum brought two cups of tea, some honey and sugar on a plate, and some cookies.
He said.
The two made their tea as they both preferred, and took a sip.
“It’s really good.”
Samael said.
“Thank you, Mr. Samael.
Now, please tell me, why have you come here?”
Mr. Teklum asked.
“Most of my problems are sorted out, but I just can’t seem to handle the fact that everyone thinks I am evil.
Nor am I able to prove them otherwise.”
Samael said, sighing.
“Is this related to the fact that your name coincides with some interpretations of Satan’s?”
Mr. Teklum asked.
“Yes, yes it is.”
Samael said.
“If you want to, in terms comfortable to you, can you describe me a day in life when you are working, and a day when you are on a holiday, or simply have some free-time?”
Mr. Teklum said.
Samael pondered in silence, while Mr. Teklum just sipped his tea silently.
“Well, my job is to judge and determine the consequences of the actions of certain individuals, whom exceeded the limit of what is allowed on this planet.”
Samael said, after some thinking.
Mr. Teklum said nothing, just waited patiently.
“I usually read the evidence either from what’s presented or from the individuals themselves, and try to be as professional as possible.
But since only the biggest cases land in my lap, the consequences are also the direst…”
Samael said.
Mr. Teklum smiled, and nodded.
“So, I do feel that those around me think that I enjoy…
Enjoy torturing them, by giving these… meting out these harsh…consequences.
But it’s not true, I simply do what I am best at.”
Samael said, sighing.
“People tend to scratch only the surface of another person.
Your outfit, your mannerism, your eloquence and your most repeated phrases, and deeds are what they see, what they remember.
Even though, it might not be even a shadow of your true self, they consider it as such.
People who are close to you, must know the true “you”.”
Mr. Teklum said.
“Yes, when I am free I spend time with them.
My women and my brothers and sisters, the fun we have.
Competitions, debates, parties, order and mayhem all at once.
Nothing more pleasurable than to listen to music, sip a glass of whiskey, while debating whether all this is worth it, why is it worth it and more…”
Samael said, smiling slightly.
“That’s wonderful.
You strike me as an exceptionally bright, calculative but at the same time emotive individual.
From what you’ve told me, there shouldn’t be too big problems concerning your reputation, no?”
Mr. Teklum said.
“You are rather sharp, doc, but at the same way too optimistic.
People see only me as a jailer, as a torturer, it matters not whom do I sentence, it matters only the fact that I sentence them.
Not to say, that some people think I tempt people into committing the deeds they do…”
Samael sighed.
“So, just as I said at the beginning of this meeting, you are seen just like the devil.”
Mr. Teklum said.
“If I may ask, doc, how do you see the devil?”
Samael asked.
“I don’t know.
Based on what I’ve read, heard and been taught, he was just a rebel.
He wanted to do the things he wasn’t allowed to do.
While it does seem like an evil behaviour for most, I find it simply normal.
If we consider that the devil had a higher level of curiosity than the other angels, it was normal that he questioned everything.
From the point of religion he is surely evil, no doubt, after all he went against God, but from my point of view, he was just simply more human than the other angels.
And the fact that it is said that he hates humans is laughable, he after all gave us knowledge, at least supposedly.
Also, the fact that he is God’s enemy is debatable.
While indeed, he is against proper order and simplicity, and he doesn’t follow the rules, that just means he is of different opinions than his Father.
But let’s be objective a bit with these 2 points.
He torments the sinners thus being an active player in God’s creation, and that’s just one point.
The second is…if he really was God’s enemy, he wouldn’t be anymore, that simple.”
Mr. Teklum said.
Samael stood in silence for a bit, before laughing.
“My my, doc, what you said there, could get you in the good book of some fellas but in the bad book of others.
But you are certainly in the good book of mine.”
He said, chuckling.
“Personal opinions are still allowed.”
Mr. Teklum said.
“Indeed they are allowed.
And you are a religious person, right?”
Samael nodded, while looking at a cross in Mr. Teklum’s office.
“Indeed I am.
I think some rules and stories from the Bible are good guidelines on how to be a kind human being.”
Mr. Teklum said.
“I know Someone who is probably really happy that you think so.
This is how I envision a kind human.”
Samael said, laughing.
Mr. Teklum just chuckled as well, while looking at the watch.
“Well, Mr. Samael, it’s about time to wrap this up.
The lady I talked to told me, you might be interested in other meetings as well.
Is that right?”
Mr. Teklum said.
“Yeah, Lilith probably told you to book this day and time every week, right?”
Samael asked.
Mr. Teklum nodded.
“Good, please do so, and we will meet next week.
See you doc.”
Samael said, as he disappeared from the room.
Mr. Teklum just took the two cups of tea and went to wash them.
“Since that fellow who could read minds got over his trauma with my help and that dark magic expert, more and more supernatural beings visit me…
So interesting, but overwhelming…
Well, it’s my job can’t really complain, as I kind of enjoy it, so c’est la vie.”
Mr. Teklum sighed, before booking all his Monday 10 to 12 periods for Mr. Samael.

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