Unfortunate Fortunate Meeting

Alex was cycling back home, when out of nowhere, an old lady appeared and he ran her over.
The poor old lady fell to the ground, while Alex flew a few meters, before hitting a street light pole.
The people all around gathered, and gossiped.
Alex was taken to the hospital, as he broke his arm, while the old lady was taken as well, but she had nothing but a slight fright.
But Alex was young, and quickly recovered, while his hand was in a pretty good shape, considering that it was broken, and how it got broken.
So, as soon as his hand was handled, he visited the old lady.
Since she was quite old, she was under supervision for the night.
He knocked on the door of the room she was supposed to be in, with a weird vibe.
“This is a V.I.P. room, if I am not mistaken…”
He murmured, as he waited for an answer.
“Come in.”
A monotonous, slightly tired yet strong voice said.
Alex slowly entered the room, and he was surprised once more.
The room was simple, yet it had a fridge, a TV, and a huge bed, upon which the old lady was reading a book.
“You are the young lad who hit me.”
The old lady stated, without even looking up from the book.
“I am sorry…
I came here to apolo…”
Alex started to say.
“Words are empty.
Actions are needed to prove something.”
The old lady said, interrupting him.
I will do whatever I…”
Alex started to say, but then realized something…
What could he ever give to someone who can afford such a hospital room…
“Money is not needed in this case, so don’t worry.
You see, I am old and lonely from time to time, so I need someone to accompany me.
Come to this address every weekend, and spend some time with me.”
The old lady said, giving Alex a piece of paper with the address on it.
“I will be certainly there!
How early should I be?”
Alex asked.
“As early as you want, young one.
My old bones don’t like to be kept in bed for too long.”
The old lady said, now finally looking at Alex.
Alex could see her age…
Long grey hair, and some wrinkles, but…
Her posture was perfect.
And her eyes…
Her eyes were piercing, like they could see every little detail and secret he had…
“Okay, I will be there.
I hope I will see you in good health, goodbye!”
Alex said, waving.
The old woman just nodded, and continued reading.
Fast-forward to Saturday, and Alex was at the given address at 8 am.
The address took him to…to a…well, one could call it a house.
It was a humongous four story house, in a rather Victorian like style.
He rang the doorbell, and waited.
The old lady opened the door.
She was wearing a purple suit.
“Come in.”
She said, in her emotionless voice.
Alex just nodded and followed her.
The hallways were filled with paintings, and artwork.
They went to the living room, where a small table was set with a chess set, while next to it was a small plate with snacks.
“Do you know how to play chess?”
The old lady asked.
I actually love chess.”
Alex said, all excited.
Three matches in, he was like a wet dog.
“You lost again.”
The old lady said.
Alex just sighed.
“Your technique is good, so is your mind.
It’s just…you lack patience.”
The old lady commented.
As Alex wanted to say something, footsteps were heard.
A giant of a man entered the living room.
“Landlord, I am living.
Thanks for all the help.”
He said, bowing slightly to the old lady, before leaving.
He didn’t even take a look at Alex, but Alex still froze.
The man was exuding an overwhelming aura, and his clothing…
It was a military uniform, but he couldn’t tell his rank.
“That kid is someone almost special in the military.
Don’t think too much of it, let’s play another round, because after that, you will need to do some shopping for me.”
The old lady said.
Alex just nodded absentmindedly.
This time, he lost again, but not so miserably, as he started to copy the old lady’s style.
“Good, but be careful.
Learn from me, do not copy me.”
The old lady said, before giving him a shopping list.
Alex took it, and wanted to say something, but before he could, the old lady gave him a credit card.
“Just use this.
Again, don’t worry about the small stuff.
And be present when you are in my presence.”
The old lady said, as she started to brew herself some tea.
Alex nodded and left to shop.
The days passed, and more and more meetings have been held.
And each time, the old lady was friendlier and friendlier.
Well, only Alex felt like that, on the outside she was just as distant and elegant.
Other than that, Alex met several individuals at her house.
The military man, a politician he was sure he saw on the TV, a police commissioner, a middle-aged woman who claimed to be a researcher and many more.
All of them ignored him, but treated the old lady with utmost respect.
While at the old lady, he would always learn new things.
Be it chess, calligraphy, etiquette, eloquence, biology and many other subjects.
His grades in the university started to get better, and his confidence also grew.
Soon, it was already more than half a year since the “accident” happened.
Now, he would visit the old lady daily, and the people who were paying their respects to the old lady started to pay attention to him.
On this day, he was having tea with the old lady in the library of her house, when he remembered something.
“I still don’t know your name.”
Alex said.
He was extremely curious.
This old lady was like a star, being hidden amongst the fireflies.
She was shining just too brightly to be someone normal.
“My name is Laura Felshthroleva.”
The old lady said, and for the first time, she showed some direct emotion.
“Felshthroleva? That’s a very unique name, and it’s a weird coincidence, as it was my mother’s maiden name…”
Alex said, before he froze.
He was staring at the old lady.
How couldn’t he see it before?
Perfect manners, perfect style, an endless sea of knowledge…
And those eyes and nose…
She looked just like his mom…
He asked, stutteringly.
The old lady just nodded.
Alex started to sob, and from outside the library’s door, several gasps could be heard.
Some people were eavesdropping.
After this happened, Alex’s life got a bit more hectic but at the same time better.
His father needed to do a lot of explanation, while he needed to take a lot of extra classes.
But most importantly, he had even more reasons to spend with the old lad…with his grandmother.
He needed to learn about his mother, who disappeared when he was 12.
Life was as such…
With an unfortunate event, becoming a fortunate one…
Although, the coincidental nature of the event is debatable.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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